Template configuration

How to configure JA Nuevo template: switching theme, change layout, building homepage, etc.

Template style feature (version 2.5 and above) is to assign different template styles to individual menu items. The default template style can be partially or completely overridden by assigning different template styles to the desired menu items in order to obtain a different look for their respective pages.

Step 1: duplicate the default template style

From back-end setting, go to: Extensions >> Template manager. Select the "ja_nuevo - Default" template style then hit the "Duplicate" button to clone the template style.

Duplicate template style

Nex, open the template style, configure theme, layout, etc then assign the template style to the menu items. Those menu items will have template style overridden the default template style.

Assign menu items

JA Nuevo template supports 3 color themes: default, green and violet. You can view live demo of each theme.

multiple color themes

>> View demo: Default theme - Green theme - Violet theme<<

Switch theme for a template style

You can use multiple color themes simulously in a site by creating template styles, assign different color themes for different template styles.

Open template style you want to change theme, in the "Theme" tab, select the theme you want to switch to.

Switch theme

The color theme is only applied for current template style only.

The template supports 2 layouts by default only: default and features-intro. You can customize the layouts or create new layouts.

1. Layout configuration

Open the template style you want to configure layout then go to "Layout" tab.

1.1 Switch layout for any template style

Open any template style, go to "Layout" tab, assign layout.

Switch layout

The layout is applied for the template style only.

1.2 Layout structure configuration

The layout structure configuration allows you to assign module position, change number of positions for spotlight block.

1.2.1 Assign module position

Hover the position you want to change, hit the setting icon then select the position you want to change to.

change position

1.2.2 Change number of positions in spotlight block

This feature is only applied for spotlight block only.

change number of positions in spotlight block

1.3 Responsive layout configuration

The responsive layout configuration allows you to enable, disable positions in specific layouts (Large, medium, small, etc).

Configure responsive layout

You can also resize positions in spotlight blocks.

resize position in the spotlight block

2. Layout customization

JA Nuevo template is built with T3 Framework, so you can refer to T3 documentation:

ThemeMagic is to customizing your themes based on pre-define parameters so that you don't need to touch any file.

Firstly, you have to enable the "ThemeMagic" feature. Open any template style manager, in the General tab, enable the ThemeMagic option. Next, hit the "ThemeMagic" button on the top bar list to open the ThemeMagic working panel.

enable ThemeMagic

In the setting bar, open the parameter group you want to configure, change value for the pre-defined parameters then hit the "Preview" button to see how front-page changes. If you satisfy with the customization, please save it.

customize theme

For safe, you can clone theme to customize.

save as theme

Adding new group and parameters to ThemeMagic

If you want to add new group, parameters to ThemeMagic to customize your themes, please refer to T3 documentation.

Here is the steps to build Homepage as JA Nuevo homepage demo.

Step 1: create Home menu item

Create Home menu item in Main Menu, select "Featured Articles" menu type and set it as default menu item.

Home menu setting

Step 2: create template style

By default, when you install JA Nuevo, there is only one template style - JA_Nuevo - Default. Duplicate the template style, open the duplicated template style, rename it. Open the layout configuration panel, switch to "features-intro" layout.

switch theme

Next, assign the template style to "Home" menu item. Open the "Assignment" tab, in the Main Menu, select "Home" then save the template style.

Assign home menu item

Create modules and assign it to "Home" menu item

The content of Homepage is loaded from many modules. The following list is the modules with detail configuration used in Homepage.