K2 to com content migration plugin

Convert K2 content to Joomla com_content in one go

User full info of the stable version release:

JA K2 Convert plugin is used to convert K2 content to Joomla com_content. The following elements will be converted:

  • Category
  • Item
  • Extra field group
  • Extra field
  • Tag

Auto Re-direct link of K2 to Com_content

This is great feature added in version 1.0.0 so in case you are using beta version, please do upgrade to the stable version.

Why we need that feature?

Once migration is done, K2 content (categories, items, tags, extra fields ...) would be unnecessary, it could be removed, or disable, this will lead to broken links - 404 pages from K2 and it is not good for your SEO and users. The stable version can now solve the issue by make redirect for K2 links to Joomla com_conten (for content converted only)

Type link support for redirect:

  • K2 Category
  • K2 Tag
  • K2 Item.

What happened if you did migration with beta version?

Please upgrade System - JA K2 To Com Content Migration to stable version and the redirect feature will auto activated.

Auto re-direct does not work if:

  • The site uses SH404 extension
  • K2 menu items are removed permamently

The extension requires JA System Content Type plugin and JA Ajax content type plugin to be installed and enabled.

Download the plugins: download page

In the download page, you will see list of elements:

  • JA K2 Convert plugin
  • JA Content Type plugin
  • JA Ajax Content type plugin
  • JA K2 to com_content migration package

You can download all plugins one by one then install all of the plugins or download the JA K2 to com_content migration package to install, the package includes all of the plugins.

To install package or invidual plugin, access your site back-end > Extensions > Extension Manager > browse installation package of each plugin then install.

Once the installation is done, please enable all the 3 plugins.

1. Configuration

Once the installation is done, go to: Content > Article Manager > hit the Options button on the top right corner of the Option bar.

Open the K2 Import tab, in this tab, select categories you want to convert to Joomla com_content. In the Extra Fields tab, select "Auto" for extra fields group and extra fields to convert. You can rename the extra field groups and extra fields, but please note that, only put characters in LATIN.

Select Auto then the categories | Extra field groups | Extra fields will be converted, select Ignore if you don't want to convert those elements.

2. Start converting content


  • Each categrory /extra field will import one time. Any change after import won’t be updated
  • After import, all setting will turn into Read-only
  • If item is imported first, then import Extra Fields, Extra field won’t be added to Joomla Content
  • Use with Ajax content type + System Content type Plugin.
  • If the language of Article not in Latin Language, user must Set Unicode Aliases to Yes in Global Config
  • Once the configuration is done, go to: Content > Article Manager then hit the "Import K2 Content". You would see the converting status popup, wait untill the convert is done.

    Once the convert is done, you can see all K2 content is converted to Joomla com_content and you can use it as normal Joomla content.

    In the Article manager panel, you can see that, each extra field group in K2 when migrated to Joomla com_content is a content type, you can filter articles based on the content type.

    In case you want to add new item for specific content type, hit the "Add New" button then content type you want.

    In each article that is migrated from K2 will have a new tab, that is the extra field group from K2 with extra fields.

    4. Elements to be imported

    K2 Category

    when converting, the following parameters will imported:

    • Title.
    • Description.
    • Image
    • Created by
    • Published
    • Meta data

    4.2 K2 Item

    Parameters of K2 Item will be imported:

    • Title
    • Content
    • Category
    • Tag
    • Image
    • Metadata
    • Date-time Create
    • Hits
    • Extra field
    • Gallery type
    • Video type Embed(Youtube, Vimeo)
    • Created by
    • Language
    • Access level
    • Published
    • .. other option param

    Extra field group

    Choose other XML file name on the list -> Value of Extra field group will be imported to that type. All the fields of that type are still the same.

    Extra field types will not be supported:

    • Header
    • CSV

    Tags - import one time only.

    There are 2 ways to do upgrade for the plugins:

    #1 - Install new version: You can download new versions of those plugins and do installation, the new version will override current version in your site.

    #2 - Using JA Extension Manager: this is free extension to upgrade all JoomlArt products. Check out the references for more details: Download link - Detail documentation - Video tutorial