Language questions

How to edit text, set up multilingual site, etc for a Joomla template

This docs is in WIP, we will release it soon.

After multilingual setup is done, everything works fine except Megamenu (Megamenu does not work properly, it does not show when switch laguage ...), please follow the instruction to fix it.

#1: duplicate default style

Select Purity III default template style then hit "Duplicate" button.

duplicate template style

#2: configure duplicated template style

Open the duplicated template style to configure.

configure template style

  • Rename the duplicated template style, you should add language code. The template style name should be: Purity III - Default FR
  • Set default language for the template style - French
  • Assign translated menu (the menu that will be displayed as main menu for the French language).
  • Enable Megamenu

#3: configure megamenu

Open Megamenu configuration pannel by clicking on the "Megamenu" button on the top options bar.

configure megamenu

By default, it will load the selected menu that you assigned. After configure megamenu, please keep in mind to save its settings.

You should save megamenu settings even you don't change anything, this will help to render and make megamenu work in French language.

With our T3v2 framework, if you want to set up multilingual, you need to create new profile for each language, choose menu for such profile and assign it to each language respectively. You can see the configuration from the image below:

configure multilingual in ja t3v2


I am using a multilingual site (e.g: you are using JA Magz and your site is multilingual with English and French), now I want to import a French ini translation for template.


What you need is to create a French language file for template, follow the steps below:

  • Copy two files: en-GB.tpl_ja_magz.ini and en-GB.tpl_ja_magz.sys.ini then paste into \language\fr-FR folder
  • Rename the copied files to: fr-FR.tpl_ja_magz.ini and fr-FR.tpl_ja_magz.sys.ini respectively
  • Open these files and change the language to French

In main page of JA Onepage, there are some blocks that has Tip Message enabled. The Tip Message is only displayed when the module title is displayed.

tips message

When module title is enabled, a language parameter is auto rendered to file: language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_ja_onepage.ini. Here is an example:

language parameter

Now you can add/change the Tip Message to whatever you want.