Nowadays it's nothing new to people, the concept "Try It Before You Buy". Especially in beauty shops you are offered to test free trial sized products like shampoo or lotions for instance. So the question is, does it make any sense, if the product is of low quality owners would let anybody test before paying? NO of course not! They firmly trust in the quality of their own products which allows them to approach new customers with a free sample trial.

JA Demo Builder by Joomlart

For digital products it holds the same. At JoomlArt we believe that we have been creating some strong products and would like to give more people the chance to look & feel JA products on a demo site. Because not always the sample is really what you like, that's normal.

Introducing the new Demo Builder

We have already introduced the 7-days-no-questions-asked-refund-guarantee to make a guarantee commitment and to lower the barrier for new users. But now we are going a big mile further by allowing all visitors to "PLAY BEFORE YOU PAY" with the new demo builder tool.

Especially if people are new to the JoomlArt community, or even to Joomla at all (yes, it's true, I know a whole lot of them) they obviously don't know yet what's possible and what not. Generally we encourage everyone to first fully understand what they can do with any product, compare with others and then decide whether or not to join for a membership.

Where can I find the Builder?

If you access our template demo from it's official link at, you can always find the Demo Builder Button on the left of any product as following image.

Play before pay

Demo hosting on the cloud

2 weeks ago, though we did not announced the Demo Builder feature yet, it had been put on the left side in the demo section and many of you might have noticed it already. After just 10 days users have installed over 1200 testing sites which shows it is very useful and well accepted for playing. For this reason we have just upgraded our demo capabilities to use cloud computing services to better handle big data usage. At the moment all demo installations are running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), kind of cloud computing on demand. This is really great because we only need to pay if computing resources are really used.

How long can I try the demo site?

Use it to create a demo site with your real content, test drive all designs and extensions that JoomlArt offers. The site will last for 30 full days, enough to see the whole spectrum of JA products in action. We reserve the right to free storage space at any time if your site gets irrationally heavy.

Is my data on the test site safe?

We provide server space only as playground for demo purposes. Use any content but don't put any confidential data to the demo site. We do not guarantee data security nor file backups. After the test period it will be deleted.

Can I use the template and extensions downloaded from the test site?

ALL JA templates & extensions used in the packages are encrypted so if you download to your host, it wont be usable.

So.. this demo tool is pretty nice - What's Next?

Once you are happy with the test site and want to bring it to live on your own domain, you will need to join membership to use all features that made you satisfied. This makes creating beautiful websites painless, simple and fun.