Products Updates

Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

JA Anion Template for Joomla V 1.2.4 has been released. Its a minor bug fix for users, with only 4 affected files over the last version. It is also required to upgrade the JA T3 Framework Plugin for this upgrade.
  • Compare the JA Anion versions HERE.
  • Download the updated files HERE.
  • view Complete CHANGELOG.

JA T3 Framework version 1.1.5 (Upgrade recommended only with JA Anion 1.2.4 Version)

  • Compare the JA T3 Framework versions HERE.
  • Download the updated files HERE.
  1. View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected file. Only 4 files is affected in the changelog between version 1.2.3 to 1.2.4. 
  2. Uninstall / install the upgraded T3 plugin V 1.1.5.

Please discuss issues related with this update or upgrade in the JA Anion Forum.