Responsive Magento theme JM SportsGear is well-suited for any eCommerce sites about sport apparel and equipment. The theme is unique with the flat design, bold typography, sleek grid layout and dynamic arrangement of promotional blocks.

Compatible with latest Magento version, JM SportsGear supports Off-canvas navigation for mobile devices and comes with 7 complimentary Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product List. Not to mention 5 bonus theme skins and alternatives for foreign shoppers as well.

If you own an e-store targeting to energetic people who love sports and outdoor activities, responsive Magento theme JM SportsGear is surely a great pick for your eCommerce site.


Simple and vivid, our responsive Magento theme JM Sporty is a special offer for your online sport and fitness store, a perfect combination between sport and fashion. JM Sporty comes with many Magento extensions like JM Slideshow with smooth transition effect, Mega Menu with featured products, Off-canvas navigation, JM Basetheme for customization, responsive design and so on. Besides, 5 color skins are supported so you can quickly pick your suitable color skin.

Also in this responsive Magento theme, we support an exclusive extension Color Swatch which allows you to display a products in different colors and sizes.

All in one - let's dress your store a new sporty look with this responsive Magento Sporty theme.


Responsive Magento theme JM Summer is a beautiful, bright and colorful Magento eCommerce theme that would instantly transform your Magento stores into a summer-ready inspiration theme, or merely just a quick makeover to freshen up your fashion stores.

JM Summer is our first Magento 1.9 theme ever, and you sure will be enjoying this stunning theme together with all the benefits that the new Magento 1.9 brings. The clean layout and flat designs does add in the elegant look and feel to JM Summer, plus the catchy full width slideshow ready to impress any visitors.

The theme also comes with 6 complementary Magento extensions including JM Slideshow, JM Product List, JM Product Slider, JM Masshead, JM BaseTheme and Mega Menu. And that's not all! You will get triple the awesomeness with up to 5 default theme skins, and the multiple languages translation and currencies support as well.


Responsive Magento theme JM TravelGear is a versatile and professional site makeover for your eCommerce Magento sites, especially if you own an outdoor clothing & gear store.

To show off the dynamic and youthful wind, JM TravelGear comes up with the flat design, bold typography and dusty gamut colors. With a well-tuned placement of imagery modules and static blocks, you can easily present your content in an eye-catching and impressive way.

Besides the responsive web design along with Off-canvas menu for mobile device accessibility, JM TravelGear ships with 8 complementary extensions to boost up the functionality of your store. The spotlight is on JM ProductDeal, a practical tool to create and manage discount offers to your shoppers. This responsive Magento theme also supports 5 bonus theme skins along with the multiple languages translation and currencies alternatives as well.


You may already know Magento extension JM Basetheme from most of our recent responsive Magento themes. JM Basetheme is to optimize the personalization of our Magento themes in term of layout and color. This extension rocks because it eliminates the time-consuming process of styling and encoding to create anything out-of-default.

We have recently released JM Basetheme upgraded version 1.1.0 with back-end settings especially for mobile and tablet layouts.


Note : Responsive Magento theme JM Sporty is now Magento 1.8 compatible!

Neat and strong, elegant and fashionable, these words may cross your mind when you first see our latest Magento responsive theme JM Sporty. The spotlight of this theme is our new extension – JM Color Swatch that gives the viewers a clearer visualization of the product in other available size and color. In this theme, we also support the Off-canvas navigation which gives better display layout for your store on mobile devices and tablet.

Besides, there is a list of not to miss out Magento extensions which we support in this sporty theme: JM Slideshow, JM Basetheme, JM Mega Menu, Product slider and so on.


Update: JM Bookshop is now available for Magento 2. Check it out in the live demo here

Dear Magento geeks, responsive Magento theme JM Bookshop is our very first theme dedicated for online bookstores. JM Bookshop theme is compatible with both Magento 1.7 and the latest Magento 1.8 version too.

At the first glance, our JM Bookshop presents the trending flat design with a professional block layout. To dig out more, the theme is armed with 9 Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Slideshow 2, JM Masshead, JM Product Slider, JM Tabs, JM Product, JM Quickview and especially JM Product Deal. Not to mention this Magento theme is fully responsive and features Off-canvas navigation.

Browse through the features of our latest magento theme JM Bookshopand you would want to launch a bookstore of your own.


As the first Magento theme release for the year 2014, JM iTech is a dedicated responsive Magento theme built for digital and electronic stores. The theme will create an excellent online shopping experience for your store with trendiness and great UI application in the front end along with stable responsive settings, theme customizing tools and much more.

The theme supports responsive layout with off-canvas menu for mobile devices, Megamenu, cool accordion effect and theme customization tool.


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