JA Compress

Speed up Joomla with CSS and Javascript optimization

JA Compress Introduction

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The component supports Joomla 1.5 only and no longer supported.

JA Compress plugin, a Joomla 1.5 plugin developed to provide optimization / compression of CSS and JS files for Joomla site has now been released as part of JA Extension Club. It provides functionality to use any of the two effective open source libraries one is Minify and another one is SmartOptimizer. It also comes with unique file deselect option, its easy to exclude one or more files (CSS / JS) from the action of compression libraries.

Features :

  • Choose between the two libraries to achieve best performance.
  • Option to exclude single or multiple css / JS files. This is quite helpful, as not all the files like to be compressed or optimized.
  • Option to check server cache or client cache.
  • Option to choose optimization, Combine CSS files or use both options together.

Special Notices

  • Its a beta release, take due backup of your site before trying this out. Things should be fine with CSS merge, however Javascript merge & compress can raise problem if your website uses many javascript.
  • DO NOT use it for livesite unless you have tested them carefully.
  • If your website are not rendered correctly, try to disable JS merge, or put important js file on the exception list