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    This is my first Joomla Site. I started a membership for the “JA Sanidine II” template. My url is and I have Joomla version 1.5 (Stable) installed and working. I followed these instructions for adding the “JA Sanidine II” template:

    I made it to step 1.1 and I made it to the sections “Proceed installation of JA Sanidine as other normal Joomla! templates. If you don’t know how to do installation or set a template as default, please check the How to install Joomla! template guide.” of that article which then links me to the following article for how to upload the template I purchased:

    I made it to step 3 of this second article where it has me browse to the zipped “JA Sanidine II” template that I downloaded from your site that was saved to my pc, where I select that zipped folder & then click the “Upload File & Install” button.

    After clicking the “Upload File & Install” button my browser does the loading process for about sixty second then takes me immediately to the main administration page. I don’t get a failed error, nor do i get a success error. So I proceed on to step 6 of that same guide to use my new template by following the directions of going to extensions -> template manager -> administration and the template that i just installed is not there?

    So then I went back to installation instructions from the article:

    and followed the instructions of the FTP method to install:
    1. Download and unzip the Template zip file.
    2. Start FTP connection with your server.
    3. Upload the complete unzipped folder to the root of your site templates folder >> 405gaming/templates/ja_sanidine_ii << .
    4. The template is installed and you can see it in the template manager of your site admin.

    At step 4 in this process I went back to extensions -> template manager -> administration the template that i just installed via FTP and again it is not there?

    I have no idea what to do now? Please any help is appreciated. I only have until Friday August 17th to complete this site. I have about 40 people depending on me to get it working for our clan in the new MMO Guild Wars 2 that is to be released the following week.

    Please remember I know pretty much nothing about Joomla administration but I am competent at following written instructions.

    I would gladly pay one of the people who work for this site to get this template working if it can be done in the next 24 hours?

    okie76 Friend

    never mind figured it out

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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