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  • Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi guys,

    For this month we plan to release an eCommerce Joomla template – JA BrickStore. The template is based on Free Joomla eCommerce component – Virtuemart. Please go through the core features of the template:

    We have developed all new Filter Component for this template:

    • Supporting VirtueMart right now and more extension support will be added in weeks to come.
    • Create multiple filter groups, each filter group includes filters to search for products, price, weight, manufacturer, rating etc…
    • Filter with custom fields
    • It has its own view layout
    • More to come as it is in development

    Filter Extension in development

    Other main features of the eCommerce Joomla template:

    • Dedicated pages of eCommerce website:
      1. Product List page
      2. Product Detail page
      3. Checkout page
      4. Payment integration
    • Supports JA ACM Module with multiple block types
    • Horizontal and Vertical Menu system
    • Built with robust T3 Framework
    • Powerful control panel with built-in functionalities

    NOTE : More screenshots will be added later. The template are in development so features may change as the development progresses.

    Sneak Peek 1: Homepage – Vertical Menu

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 2: Homepage – Horizonal Menu

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 3: Product List page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 4: Blog Page

    View the higher resolution Here

    We will update more screenshots in coming days. Let us know what you think about this preview.

    Jorge Gama Friend

    This template looks very promising. What’s the expected release date?

    digital222 Friend

    have seen that before … not something new can you please work lil to news templates ? or a webtv templates ?

    tishelpdesk42 Friend

    Please try to create new educational template, modern one as JA University is very famous now …I am sure if your released a new educational template it will be awesome and will spread very fast.

    TomC Moderator

    There is a REQUEST & WISHLIST section on the Main Forum for posting ideas/requests for future template ideas —->

    How about we focus on constructive comments as to THIS template development/release rather than saying "…but I want this" or "…but I want that."

    Manos Moderator

    eShops are getting more popular than ever! Nice catch with the New Filter component.!!!

    Chengi Friend

    Looks promising!

    aijosh Friend

    Nice one with the Filter Component. Looking to see how functional its going to be.

    I’ll like to state that styling templates with so much white space is very tedious (well, for me though but I think would be a general issue). The problem is that its hard to change content in a location or module position to something else (which is usually the case) without making the template end up being ugly. Things only look well if the template is used as the demo.

    I’ll suggest you also design new templates with less white space. as changing portions or even totally removing portions of the design would still maintain a nice look.


    creativeint Friend

    I can use this, thanks.

    dieudonne Friend


    Great job!
    The Filter Extension looks like amazing.


    rikaryo Friend

    when JoomlArt will launch a new news template the Teline is already becoming obsolete …

    Rikáryo Mourão
    CEO - HeróiNerd - Inventtive

    rikaryo Friend

    when JoomlArt will launch a new news template the Teline is already becoming obsolete … and the design of these last templates are very similar with others that has already been developed

    Rikáryo Mourão
    CEO - HeróiNerd - Inventtive

    Ch1vpH Friend
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    aardcom Friend

    Oh great…. anither store template. Brickstore, Megastore, Playstore, an admin module we have to payextra for and a free template so far this year. Seriously WTF. T3 needs work to lessen the load and streamline and Uber is floundering and soon to be abandoned if it isn’t updated. I also read somewhere in the forum that the new T3v12 or whatever it will be will not be backward compatible. That would be ridiculous as it would make all the past templates useless. Could someone please sit down and make a plan and let the members know what you are doing. It’s mid October and we’re getting a sneak peak at a October template, soon to be released. No updates or timelines for uber T3 or teline despite numerous requests and comments. No updates on Nov or Dec templates, likely because they haven’t been started yet.

    I know it can’t be easy to update all the templates whenever a new Joomla release comes out, but isn’t that the reason behind building on a framework. I love some of the flexibility of using these templates and modules but the updates are too slow and we have no idea what you have planned for the future.

    Please someone give us a plan and show you have a schedule you can keep to. Joomla 3.7 is coming in a few months if not sooner, so we have another series of template upgrades coming. Hopefully thes won’t distract from releaseing new templates and features.

    tom_laan84 Friend

    Looks good but please address issue on JA being behind on templates.

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