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  • babyzsmile Friend

    The RSSlider needs to be a sticky in itself. Please make the fix easy to find.

    Sherlock Friend

    <em>@itgl72 51268 wrote:</em><blockquote>I have tried this, check your PM for URL to see error Iam getting. I have not done anything except upload the replacement files.

    Warning: getimagesize(/home/lemoslif/public_html/dev/backup1/images/rsgallery/display/AviatorG 20.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/lemoslif/public_html/dev/backup1/modules/mod_ja_rsslide/mod_ja_rsslide.php on line 250

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: This error I am gettin may have something to do with the fact that inside the slider module I selected LINKED IMAGES? to NO. It seems to work when it set to YES, however there is a BUG there that needs to be addressed. It should work both ways I would assume, no?</blockquote>
    Plz download this file 1483, unzip and copy overwrite mod_ja_rsslide.php
    I have fixed that bug. Now i’m checking next bug what you post HERE

    Sherlock Friend

    <em>@itgl72 51363 wrote:</em><blockquote>I would like to add something to this after some testing.

    I uploaded two new images into an existing gallery that had about 70 images.

    The images upload succesfully. When I go to website and click on my gallery link I will see both images as the NEWEST IMAGES when I click on the LATEST link. (Latest link on front page of gallery module or inside the gallery I uploaded the images to.)

    THE PROBLEM? As I click through the gallery these two new images should be LAST. They ended up being the 19th and 20th in the order out of 70 pictures where they should have been last and been the 69th and 70th picture.

    This issue does not happen on the previous version before the FIX.</blockquote>

    I have changed display.class.php, it order images in gallery follow ordering in admin, I changed it because i want it intergrate with mod_ja_rsslide.php.

    itgl72 Friend

    <em>@nguoiabcd 51901 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi
    Plz download this file 1483, unzip and copy overwrite mod_ja_rsslide.php
    I have fixed that bug. Now i’m checking next bug what you post HERE</blockquote>

    Nguoiabcd, I have tested this file and now when I choose the option to link the front pages I do not see the error I saw before. Good job. I assume all other previous changes are already in that file and I dont have to worry about going back and rechecking the code?????

    <em>@nguoiabcd 51904 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi.
    I have changed display.class.php, it order images in gallery follow ordering in admin, I changed it because i want it intergrate with mod_ja_rsslide.php.</blockquote>

    Nguoiabcd – you are the real deal 😀

    Back to your message above, just so I understand. Are you just stating what you did or is there a fix that maybe you forgot to put a link to? Thanks…

    stefiart Friend

    When i set the joomla sef url on then the vote system not working. Is there any modification i can do? If the sef url is off then everything works fine.


    Sherlock Friend

    Hi, can you send your url ?

    stefiart Friend

    Yes sure,,com_rsgallery2/Itemid,49/gid,2/lang,el/

    When you try to vote you get

    If i change to not sef url then everything goes ok.


    stefiart Friend

    I Found this,com_smf/Itemid,17/topic,5577.msg6192 is this the same problem?

    An of course what about joomfish support???

    mangoman Friend

    I uploaded and overwrote the file , but I get a Restricted Access message to the home page when I use that [newer] file; do you know why?

    Thanks for your hard work on these issues!

    iedwards Friend

    I have hit some problems with the JA_Semantec RSGallery template which I have mentioned in another thread but with no response. As this is a bugs thread I hope you don’t mind me posting it here to.

    When you go to gallery and select slideshow under the Gallery title slideshow opens but with no images. Click the gallery title to go into the gallery and select slideshow and slideshow works ok.

    Clicking on any of the options on the gallery menu Latest | Popular | Most voted gives error message below

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 9

    But once inside the gallery these sort functions work ok

    Site URL:

    It seems these are both symptoms of the same problem in that at the Gallery level the id of the gallery isn’t being passed properly – just a guess. I can get round it by using the default RSGallery semantec template but this doesn’t give me the sort options.

    Also: I have read in various threads that you have posted fixes to some of these problems – that’s great, but these fixes are scattered through the forum and it is very difficult to tell what fixes what. It would be good to have these in the downloads section clearly anotated so that we can see where the latest patches are and what they are designed to fix.

    Any suggestions appreciated

    kallan Friend

    This error was raised in another thread – but I thought I would post here to get a resolution.

    In the modern / template_css.css file there is reference to an image content-center.gif. This image does not appear to exist. Is it simply an error in the css and should be removed or is it pointing at the wrong image?

    --------------------------------------------------------- */
    #ja-content {
    background: url(../images/content-center.gif) repeat-y;
    float: left;
    width: 58%;

    Thanks Kallan

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi iedwards
    plz open thumbs_float.php(componentscom_rsgallery2templatesja_semantichtml)
    Search this line :

    foreach( $this->gallery->items as $item )
    Change to

    foreach( $this->gallery->items() as $item )

    iedwards Friend

    Thanks, the change to thumbs_float.php has fixed the sorting problem.

    I still have a problem where the “slideshow” link on the top level gallery either brings up an empty slideshow or drops back to the home page. I had thought there was a problem with the path to the images but haven’t been able to prove anything.

    Many thanks for your help.

    harisk73 Friend

    Hi I am also getting the above message when i overwrite the two file as per your instructions!!!!

    lovelife Friend

    I was getting the “Restricted Access” error after applying the updated mod_ja_rsslide.php file and was told that the update was for joomla 1.5 only … I have reverted back and waiting for a patch that applies to 1.0

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