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  • jay Friend

    how do you create new markers for the Marker map?

    Luna Garden Moderator

    In order create Maker Map, go to backend >> Plugin Manager >> JA GMap Plugin >> Add Target Location, Latitude, Longitude, Information of a Location, you can create any targets you want.
    Then in Code container, click for checkbox of Locations, copy that code.

    jay Friend

    those are instructions for the JA google map plug in, what I’m asking about is in relation to the JA google chart which has a map marker feature.

    Luna Garden Moderator

    Just add more Location, Latitude, Longitude to the code.

    For example you have this code:

    {jamap locations='{"location":{"0":"New York"},"latitude":{"0":"40.730610"},"longitude":{"0":"-73.935242"},"info":{"0":""}}' maptype='physical' }{/jamap}

    Add more code will be like this:

    {jamap locations='{"location":{"0":"New York","2":"Washington "},"latitude":{"0":"40.730610","2":"38.901314"},"longitude":{"0":"-73.935242","2":"-77.031342"},"info":{"0":"","2":""}}' maptype='physical' }{/jamap}

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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