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    hello ellisj and others,
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    Select Extansions
    Select Module Manager

    Find mod_janews_fp (JA News Frontpage) and mod_janews change the position to ja-news (JA News 1.3.1 ) for both of them.
    Then arange so mod_janews_fp is the first one in the order. You can do that from the
    List of modules just click on the up and down arrows.


    Peter Konstantakos Friend

    My team and I are developing a site for a client using TelineII. We are creating a User Guide for them. We will post or guide on this forum when we complete it. Thanks

    questbg Friend

    Thanks Konstantakos, that would be really helpful, especially for a Newbie like me. Most of these threads scare me, and I haven’t even installed Joomla yet!!

    bossep Friend

    Hello Konstantakos,
    That should be fantastic! If you need any help with it let me know.

    cgc0202 Friend

    <em>@bossep 55714 wrote:</em><blockquote>fmanc,
    How do you include /exclude/arrange Sections from the ja_news?



    If you do not include the Section ID in the Category (Section) ID, it will not appear in the JA News:
    Group by Category or Section Category Section
    Category (Section) ID

    For the same reason, if you add it, then it appears.


    Group by Category or Section Category Section
    Category (Section) ID

    8: pink

    In the example above, coming from the Demo, the Section ID #1 (which is News) is absent. So, the Section News and its contents are not in the JA News module.

    Were you not the one who taught me this Bosse?


    bossep Friend

    Yes in deed it was! But with age the short memory get eaten!
    BTW I think my site looks ok for now and I did a vanilla install in my test dir.
    I still have the error on my front page and I think it will get fixed with a reinstall of some of my other modules.
    I do belive that the removing of the formating has been taken away from the latest ver. of Teline but it is not documented anyware I belive.

    I finnaly figured out how to get the red write permisions right!!! So now all seems to be fine on my server.
    Spent most of the dy doing stomach work on the server. Nerve wracking in deed.

    onlinehorizons Friend

    Where is the user guide for Joomla 1.x

    cgc0202 Friend

    <em>@onlinehorizons 57899 wrote:</em><blockquote>Where is the user guide for Joomla 1.x</blockquote>

    Some of them are found in Hung’s userguide, at the top. I posted some tips, and so did Menalto and others. Otherwise, right now you have to browse through the forums — the get information.

    What is needed is indeed a more thorough user guide for each template.


    cgc0202 Friend

    To Hung or other Moderators,

    This has been reported by a number of customers, but until now it has not been changed yet. The Tutorial is broken.

    General Steps for the QuickStart Installations (from the perspective of one with no scripting experience):

    Here is a link also to Joomla’s original Browser-based installation:

    It must be explained to customers that the above link is intended for Joomla installation but it will work also for the installtion any of the Quick Start kit that includes both the Joomla and the complete Joomlart template (this means it will work for any Joomlart QuickStart kit).

    The customerss must understand also that the aforementioned link will work for Joomla 1.0.x and there are slight modification as it pertains to Joomla 1.5.x. There are more steps in the installation of Joomla 1.5.x and if you make any error in the added steps, it will cause problems that you might have encountered.


    EddieLuc Friend

    To Hung and joomlart.

    Could you please provide a user guide to joomla. 1.0.xx.
    Given that’s it’s created by your company, it would be a 10 minute job just to highlight the differences between what should be done in joomla 1.0.xx instead of joomla 1.5.

    for those referring to the quickstart, it’s fine if you do it on the local machine, and don’t what to make any changes.


    redlight_traitor Friend

    Somebody oughtta post a picture tracing all the module positions.

    cgc0202 Friend

    <em>@redlight_traitor 61014 wrote:</em><blockquote>Somebody oughtta post a picture tracing all the module positions.</blockquote>

    Menalto provided one.


    redlight_traitor Friend

    Yes, I wish that would have been made a sticky. There’s just so many posts in this forum now.

    Menalto Friend
    missnolcha Friend

    Is there anyone having issues with the Videos Plugin? There is limited documentation on above guide. I am having troubles with it showing up, but I am sure I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated!

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