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    Is it that big of a problem if I try to run my site with the included FireBoard extension? I mean, does that bring big security risks to my website? I read about FireBoard being dead and Kunena and Agora are the new up and coming integrated forums for Joomla, but for some reason they won’t work.. xD So if FireBoard isn’t safe enough, I’ll just create a phpbb forum and create an external link to my phpbb forum. (or I might try some bridge, but I have bad experiences with hacking the core files)

    Just wanted to check in on FB’s status. Thanks in advance!

    dekoster Friend


    I am preparing a new version of a website for our sport club with the sanidine template. Here it is :

    I got a lot working already as i am used to work with joomla and are developping a lot of web applications.

    I installed the mod_jabulletin at the right and configured it to show the images. As you can see on the attached images no images show up on the website.

    What’s up doc? :confused:

    Thanks for any answer or idea how to solve this.

    Joannes De KOSTER

    1. mod_jabulletin-ryuko_dojo1
    2. mod_jabulletin-ryuko_dojo2
    dekoster Friend

    It’s me again… After doing some research in the code i found out why the thumbnails wont show up : mod_jabulletin searches for images that have been html coded with a relative path on the same server it is hosted on. So when, like me, you have migrated joomla from an old version, the images link that are in the articles all starts with “http://www ” (absolute path). As mod_jabulletin can not find them this way he don’t create thumbnails.
    I modified the code this way to still work with images who are on the same server but where the adres is absolute. This piece of code is located in the file modulesmod_jabulletinhelper.php at line 255. I modified the function named “resizeImage” :

    function resizeImage ( &$img, $width, $height ) {
    if(!$img) return ”;
    if (!function_exists (‘imagejpeg’)) return $img;
    $img = str_replace(JURI::base(),”,$img);
    $img = rawurldecode($img);
    if(substr($img, 0, 7) == “http://”){
    $urldata = parse_url($img);
    if(($urldata[“host”] == $_ENV[“HTTP_HOST”]) OR ($urldata[“host”] == $_ENV[“SERVER_NAME”])){
    $img = substr($urldata[“path”], 1);
    $imagesurl = (file_exists(JPATH_SITE .’/’.$img)) ? JURI::base().JAImageTools::jaResize($img,$width,$height) : ”;
    return $imagesurl;

    Hope this helps.

    Joannes De KOSTER

    hachi Friend

    All images are broken, so it’s imposible to follow the “looks like the demo” path

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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