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    JA Sanidine – Userguide for Joomla! 1.0.x

    • For users who start your Joomla! site at the beginning, I recommend you using QuickStart package of JA Sanidine, named as For instruction how to use JoomlArt quickstart package, please check the QuickStart guide
    • For users who new to Joomla!, there are many useful documents available at about Joomla! and how to use, please spend some time to check them out.
    • Here is some other guides that may useful for you:

    • For users that already have a site with contents and other extensions installed, please follow my instruction below to understand how JA Sanidine works:


    1.1 Template Installation

    After downloading JA Sanidine package and extract it, you will find template package named:

    Proceed installation of JA Sanidine as other normal Joomla! templates. If you don’t know how to do installation or set a template as default, please check the How to install Joomla! template guide.

    After installing and setting JA Sanidine as default template, your site should look like this:

    To see position located in site, in Navigation toolbar input string “?tp=1” at the end of site link

    1.2 Template Configuration

    To configure JA Sanidine template, check How to configure Joomla! template guide!

    You can change all JA Sanidine parameters as you wish.

    1. Logo type: Logo display in site, has two type: Image and Text
    2. Logo text: text displayed in logo if you choose Logo type is Text.
    3. Slogan: Slogan displays below logo
    4. Font size : Increase/Decrease font size (from 1 to 6).
    5. Template Width: type of template screen (Wide/Narrow screen)
    6. Color Variation: 3 color themes (Default, Blue, Green and Orange)
    7. Menu Type: type of menu displayed in site (Mainmenu/Topmenu…..)
    8. Menu Module: include Disable/Split/Css/Moo/Dropline menu.
    9. Body Background: This template support a large volume of body background. You can set the background image inside folder images/background of this template

    JA Sanidine module positions are available here You just need to configure your modules to be loaded on those positions to match JA Sanidine style.

    If you don’t know how to create module position in Joomla!, please follow this guide


    When extracting JA Sanidine package, you will see the folder named Extension with all extensions built in the JA Sanidine, including JA Slideshow, JA Bulletin, JA Tabs, JA Login modules and JA Tabs mambot. That means when you install via template installer, you need to install JA Slideshow, JA Bulletin, JA Tabs, JA Login modules and JA Tabs mambot separately, then configure their positions as instructed in Template configuration section.

    You check How to install Joomla! module guide and How to install Joomla! mambot guide for installation.

    Extensions built in JA Sanidine comprise:

    Note: [xx] stands for module position

    • [topsl1] JA Slideshow module
    • [topsl2] JA Bulletin module
    • [user8] JA Tabs module
    • JA Tabs mambot
    • [top] JA Login module

    And extension details as follow:

    2.1.JA Slideshow module(
    [position: topsl1]

    JA Slideshow module allows to show your photos with the beautiful animation effects.

    Moreover, for users looking to customize slideshow, this module gives you the flexibility of editing the javascript object settings, setting global options through the options page.

    On demo, it looks like:

    In Admin panel, please go to Modules >> Site Modules and click on module name (mod_jaslideshow) to go to configuration page.

    Here is the setting of JA Slideshow on demo:

    Parameters Explanation:

    • Start status (play, pause): Set the start status of slide show is play or pause.
    • Slide Width : Width of Slideshow [px(s)]
    • Slide Height : Height of Slideshow [px(s)]
    • Images Folder URL : URL to folder contain images in slide show. For example: images/stories/food/ then photos in the food directory will show.
    • Alt Images : Alt images will be displayed when the image not found
    • Order by (1: Time; 0: File name): The order of the image
    • Sort Order (zero:Random; 1:Ascending; 2: Descending ): The sort order of the image
    • Set image array display : You can choose an array of images that you want to display only. Separated by comma. Ex: bread.jpg, bun.jpg, coffee.jpg
    • Start image : Specific image’s name to start slide show.
    • Auto resire image (0:No; 1:Yes): You can set auto resize the images with a size define. Note: This option is best with Face animation
    • Display time : Display time of image on slide show. . Default value is 5.
    • Transition Duration : Time of animation on slide show . Default value is 2.
    • Animation Type (fade: Fading; zoom:Zooming; pan: Panning; combo:Combo – Ken Burns Effect; push:Pushing; wipe: Wiping): Animation effect that you want to display
    • Percent of animation : This option used with Panning or Combo animation. You can set value from 0% – 100%. Default value is 10.
    • Percent zoom effect : This option used with zoom effect only. You can set value from 0% – 100%. Default value is 10.
    • Effect (Linear; Medium to Slow; Fast to Slow; …): Animation effects. Used with Wipe/Push animation only.
    • Navigation type : Choose your navigation type as you want
    • Thumbnail Width: Width of thumbnail [px(s)]
    • Thumbnail Height: Height of thumbnail [px(s)]
    • Switch action: Actions occurs on navigation to switch image when click or mouseover.
    • Show description : Display description for images.
    • Description effection: Effect for description of image, include: Fade, Moveup, Moveup and Fade
    • Description Parameter: Write description content using HTML code according to below syntax:

    Content of description

    For examples:

    <h3>For Answer Review </h3>
    <p>Maecenas nibh congue justo est adipiscing elit mauris orci lacus dui. Nibh justo elit nunc Pellentesque malesuada leo nascetur faucibus malesuada semper.</p>

    2.2.JA Bulletin module(
    [position: topsl2]

    This module covers 2 default Joomla! modules: Latest and Mostread module. By that mean, you could show latest articles or most popular articles. You can copy the module into multiple instances. In JA Sanidine demo, only one instance of the module is used, to show latest news. The module also supports to show image and updated date.

    On demo, it looks like:

    In Admin panel, please go to Modules >> Site Modules and click on module name (mod_jabulletin) to go to configuration page.

    Here is the setting of JA Bulletin on demo:

    Parameters Explanation:

    1. Type: Show Latest articles or Most read articles.
    2. Module Class Suffix: Style of module
    3. Enable Cache: Yes/No option
    4. Module Mode: is description mode of module: three mode: Content Items only/Static Content only/Both
    5. FrontPage items: Show/Hide frontpage items
    6. Count: number of article will be displayed
    7. Category ID, Section ID: Input category/section ID, that means published articles belong to Category/Section will be displayed
    8. Show Image: If enabled, an image in each article will be retrieved and shown. The image will be resize to the input size in next parameters.
    9. Image Width: resized image width
    10. Image Height: resized image height
    11. Show Date: Show/Hide last updated date.
    12. Date format: format of date.

    2.3.JA Tab module(
    [position: user8]

    JA Tabs module used to display your specific content, categories, section as well as modules in TABS. You can specify module position to display, or using JA Tabs syntax for advanced features

    On demo, it looks like:

    In Admin panel, go to Modules >> Site Modules and click on module name (JATabs for joomla 1.0.x) to go to configuration page.

    Here is the setting of JA Tabs on demo:

    You can select what will be displayed in JA Tabs block. It can be modules, Article ID, Articles-Category ID or content.

    • If Modules selected, you can input module position into the textbox Select an position box. All modules from that position will be displayed in tabs.
    • If Content selected, you can input your JA Tabs string to the Enter content code textarea.
    • If Module selected, you can input list of module to the textbox Module list
    • If Article ID selected, you can input list of Article IDs into textbox Article ID list. All articles which have inputted ID in textbox will be displayed in tabs.
    • If Articles-Category ID selected, you can input list of Category IDs into textbox Category ID. All articles which have inputted category ID will be displayed in tabs.

    To understand the JA Tabs string syntax, please follow this link: JA Tabs Userguide

    2.4.JA Tab mambot(

    JA Sanidine came with JA Tabs mambot, an advanced tool in creating and presenting your content as well as modules on frontpage. All of them can be well align in tabs.

    For the syntax of JA Tabs and how to use it, please follow this guide here:
    JA Tabs Userguide

    Notes: to display JA Tabs module on frontpage, you must enble JA Tabs mambot first

    2.5.JA Login module(
    [position: top]

    On demo it looks like:

    Go to Admin panel >> Modules >> Site Modules and click on module name (JA Login) to go to configuration page and
    set position is top.


    1. Download Community Builder and Fireboard Forum components.
    2. Install Community Builder – Fireboard Forum and get them to work together
    3. Install CB Gallery and configure Community Builder to display the Gallery Tab in user profile.
    4. Display Community Builder and Fireboard Forum on your frontpage by following steps:
    • Community Builder: In Admin panel >> Menus >> choose type of menu loading Community Builder (e.g: Main Menu)

    • Choose button
    • Choose Component to go to Add menu item page >> set some characteristics as below:

    • Fireboard: the same as Community Builder.


    And now, i will instruct you setting your site look like our demo. Beside JA Slideshow, JA Bulletin and JA Tabs modules, we used Lastestnews, Mostread, Custom module of Joomla! and Community Builder and Fireboard Forum to create demo page.

    1. JA Slideshow module set on topsl1 position. You only need copy your image folder into your_site_path/image/stories (for example: images/stories/slideshow) and set parameters for slideshow (Image Folder URL: images/stories/slideshow).
    2. JA Bulletin show lastest news on topsl2 position. Choose Type parameter is Lastest News, lastest news will be displayed on topsl2 position.
    3. JA Tabs module: on demo, JA Tabs is displayed on mainmenu >> Layouts >> All extra modules. Please follow these steps to create JA Tabs like that:
      • Create a new module position named: jatabs (follow this guide to create module position)
      • Use Custom module to create two articles: CURABITUR ET and PRETIUM PULVINAR and set on jatabs position.
      • Install JA Tabs module and plugin
      • Go to JA Tabs module parameter: put on user8 position and choose Menu assignment: mainmenu >> Layouts >> All extra modules
      • Set parameters: Default style: sanidine; Type tabs: Modules and Select position: jatabs (that means: all modules on position jatabs will be displayed on JA Tabs
      • Now, your JA Tabs is similar to our demo
  • LastestNews module (position: user1) to show lastest articles. On demo it looks like
  • To create Lastest News module, from Module Manager panel >> Publish module LastestNews. Set Title is Lastest Newsand Position is user1 and set parameters as per following configuration:

  • Mostread module: (position: user2) to show most popular articles. On demo it looks like:
  • To create Mostread module, from Module Manager panel >> choose button >> choose Most Read Content to go to configuration page. Set Title is Popular and Position is user2, configure parameters as below:

  • Custom module to create content for Hot games, Video Picks module, set on right position.
  • Custom module to create content for World of WarCraft on user6, Cross Fire on user7, GameSpot @ Nintendo 2008 on user9, Little Big Planet on user10, Games You May Like on user11, User Soapbox on user12 respectively. You can check How to create Custom module guides for more details.
  • Community Builder: In Admin panel >> go to Components >> Community Builder:
    • In Tab Management: publish tab you want.
    • In Field Management: create field and set parameter for it, for example:

    Below is a field table on demo:

    • In List Management: choose New List button to create Members list and set parameters as below:

    Set columns on Member list as below:

    On demo, it looks like:

    10. Fireboard Forum: in Admin panel >> Components >> FireBoard Forum

    • Fireboard Configuration: click FireBoard Configuration >> Frontend >> choose ja_sanidine for Template and Image Sets parameters:

    You can see parameter explanation on the same row beside each parameter. Read carefully and set parameters as you want.

    After that, your site are ready for use:


    JA Sanidine came with a rich typography to give users more ability to customize content look and feel. Please check all JA Sanidine typography here at JA Sanidine Typography


    Q: I want to add a template position in to my Joomla!
    A: Go to your Administration Panel, Site -> Template Manager -> Module Positions. Add your template positions and hit the Save button.

    Q: Where can I change my footer?
    A: If you want to change or remove something in the footer, just open the “ja_justicia/footer.php” then modify it to suite your needs.

    Q: My images take a lot of white space and do not look good?
    A: The {mosimage} may show some extra padding and margin. To solve this problem, go to your Joomla! Administrator -> Mambots -> Site Mambots and change the margin and padding parameters of MOS Image mambot to 0.
    Q: Images without caption are stuck with text?
    A: It is because Joomla! generates the code different when {mosimage} has and doesn’t have its caption. So when you decide that the image will not having a caption, put it between the div tag like this <div class=”mosimage” style=”float: left;”>{mosimage}</div>

    Q: What’s a module style? And module class suffix?
    A: Almost modules offer you a parameter called Module Class Suffix. Set a value for this parameter and you will have your module’s appearance differs from the others. JA templates often provide you some module styles which can be found in Module Styles area of the guide.

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