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    I have downloaded JA Purity ll 1.2, I have installed it fine. It is absolutely great.
    Although, I am having one problem. I also have Kunena Forums installed. When I am in Kunena forums page. The Mega Menu dropped downs do not work at all. I assume because a conflict with the Kunena menus. I tried a fix for JA Purity somewhere that i found, located here . but I think it was for the original JA Purity and it did not work.

    Website –
    Joomla – 1.5.15
    Kunena – 1.5.9
    JA Purity ll 1.2

    Access –
    User – test
    pw – test

    I can give admin access if needed.

    fullstacked Friend

    Nevermind, I guess the fix took a second to hit my server. It worked and everything is working fine. thanks

    gambalunga Friend

    Hi folks

    Thanks for the good work.

    My first suggestion is to start a new “sticky” thread called wish Wish List for JA Purity II. To go and create new items in the developement area as suggested is too clunky.

    My wish list.

    1. Header and Element colour themes as suggested by denis25 in the thread . This would be similar to the original JA Purity and easily edited by a site developer
    2. A class suffix that allows modules to be shown initially in a collapsed state. I know you can set defaults in the back end but it is not the complete solution. See my post for more on this topic.
    3. The images for only the extreme corners be used in the colour class suffix and the colour itself be set as a background colour. This would allow another image or graduation mask to be used in the background of the coloured modules

    Clearly any corner images would have to be in the current background colour of the site itself but this is something easily modified if the user of the template changes the background colour.

    For example div.module_red would have only the backgound colour in the module with the possibility that the site developer could add an image, a graduation mask or even a colour gradient image as a background. This would then be followed by div.module_red .ja-box-br etcetera with the images for each corner (probably only 6 x 6 pixels)

    taobaoist Friend

    Thanks for your great works.

    marqcello Friend

    The funtion to change the template color from gray to blue, green, orange or red is not available in the II vertion. I was using the blue eschema How can I change the color of the template?

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    hoangnhatlong Friend

    tks fore share

    airgead Friend

    I’ve only just discovered ja-purity-ii and I love the template, thanks for designing it. When working on the IE6 warning today, I noticed that the icons in the warning are reversed for Opera and Safari. I fixed it by altering the image map references in the code, but it really should be fixed in the download.

    Christina Martin
    Airgead Studio

    jamesjohn Friend

    My JA Purity II – V 1.2 contact complete do not not receive the email.:)

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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