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    JA Olyra – Userguide

    As you can see in the internet, a lot of websites has paper effect in their design style.JoomlArt designer team bring it to Joomla in their unique way.

    When visitors are reading content in your site, they will feel familiar with this Olyra template because they are almost working in office. Traditional main menu in the left side make your web will more accessible and easier to navigate. Beside 3 predefine module styles, JA Olyra has special icon menu that make your site more eye-catching.

    So now, let’s use it as your own way.

    • For users who start your Joomla! site at the beginning, I recommend you using QuickStart package of JA Olyra, named as ja_olyra_quickstart_v… For instruction how to use JoomlArt quickstart package, please check the QuickStart guide
    • For users who new to Joomla!, there are many useful documents available at about Joomla! and how to use, please spend some time to check them out.
    • Here is some other guides that may useful for you:

    • For users that already have a site with contents and other extensions installed, please follow my instruction below to understand how JA Olyra works:


    1.1 Template Installation

    After downloading JA Olyra package and extract it, you will find template package named: ja_olyra_template_v…

    Proceed installation of JA Olyra as other normal Joomla! templates. If you don’t know how to do installation or set a template as default, please check the How to install Joomla! template guide.

    After installing and setting JA Olyra as default template, your site should look like this:

    To see position located in site, in Navigation toolbar input string “?tp=1” at the end of site link

    1.2 Template Configuration

    To configure JA Olyra template, check How to configure Joomla! template guide!

    You can change all JA Olyra parameters as you wish.

    • Menu Types Configuration

    JA Olyra offers you 4 types of our traditional menu.
    The menus applied are JA Split Menu, JA Suckerfish Menu and JA Transmenu.

    JA Split Menu: A vertical menu with sub menu items of current menu display in left column.

    JA Suckerfish Menu: Flat and fast drop down menu using CSS based markup.

    JA Transmenu Menu: Famous animated, transparent JavaScript drop down menu.

    To choose your menu type, go to the 32 nd line in the “ja_olyra/
    ” and change $ja_menutype to what
    you need.
    1 is Split Menu, 2 is Suckerfish, 3 is Transmenu

    • Screen Resolution Configuration

    JA Olyra allow you to set 3 types of screen resolution. You can easily config JA Olyra template’s width by
    modifying the Template Configurations part in the “ja_olyra/index.php“.

    To choose which screen’s width you want to use, go to the 24 th line of
    the “ja_olyra/index.php” file and change the value of $ja_width_default to ‘wide’ (1024×768), ‘narrow’ (800×600),

    • Font Resizer Configuration

    You can also configurate the font resizer function. Go to
    “ja_olyra/index.php” and replace the value of
    to the size you want. You can choose the font size
    ranged from 1 upto 6.

    • Color Configuration

    JA Olyra comes with 3 colors, the default green and the alternate red color. To change default template color, go to
    “ja_olyra/index.php” and change
    to the color you want (‘default’, ‘red’, ‘blue’)

    • Tools Configuration

    To enable/disable the font and resolution resizer, you can use the variable $ja_tool in the 30th line

    Set to 0 to disable all, 1 to enable resolution, 2
    to enable font tool and 3 to enable both resolution and font, 4 to enable only color, 5 is to enable color and resolution, 6 is to enable color and font and 7 is enable all.

    Please click here for JA Olyra module positions and its arrangement. Base on module positions, you can publish your modules on them to match JA Olyra style.


    JA Olyra came with a rich typography to give users more ability to customize content look and feel. Please check all JA Olyra typography here at JA Olyra Typography


    Q: I want to add a template position in to my Joomla!
    A: Go to your Administration Panel, Site -> Template Manager -> Module Positions. Add your template positions and hit the Save button.

    Q: Where can I change my footer?
    A: If you want to change or remove something in the footer, just open the “ja_olyra/footer.php” then modify it to suite your needs.

    Q: My images take a lot of white space and do not look good?
    A: The {mosimage} may show some extra padding and margin. To solve this problem, go to your Joomla! Administrator -> Mambots -> Site Mambots and change the margin and padding parameters of MOS Image mambot to 0.

    Q: Images without caption are stuck with text?
    A:It is because Joomla! generates the code different when {mosimage} has and doesn’t have its caption. So when you decide that the image will not having a caption, put it between the div tag like this <div class=”mosimage” style=”float: left;”>{mosimage}</div>

    Q: I changed my default color/font/resolution but when I refresh the page, it didn’t change?
    A: JA template use client’s cookie to save your preferences. If you made change to default value, please close the browser, open a blank new window and then clear the browser’s cookie. You’ll see the new preferences applied.

    Q: Some of my menu looks horrible. Why?
    A: Menus in JA templates are designed with the most semantic mark up are used over the net, it’s the list style. If you made change to the menu type, go to you menu module and change the menu type parameter to Flat List. It will solve the problem.

    Q: I want to change some graphic contents
    A: PSD/PNG files and fonts can be found in the template’s source package. Please download the file at our download page in case you need to modify something.

    anas Friend

    you need to update your user guide , you have to publish any thing in user6 to see the other 3 modules (1,2,5)

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