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    Hello, I am using JA countdown module with JA charity. When i open the site in Internet explorer or open it with iPhone the JA countdown module dose not work as it should. The day,hours and min display NaN But with other browsers and android works fine. What is the problem? Please help me this is urgent matter. Thank you.

    I edited it by adding 2 screenshots one for IE7 and the other for IE8. So i have two problems on e is the countdown module is displaying NaN in all IE versions and the other problem is in IE7 which the screen does not display probably.

    1. IE7
    2. IE8-and-IE9
    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Hello conj
    could u edit your first post and share your site super user admin details in it .
    Also add a screenshot of the problem you are getting in IE and version of IE .

    conj Friend

    Hello, I am waiting for the answer.

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Hi Conj thanks for updating details ,
    in android mobile devices it working fine :
    While in IE i can see your site countdown not working , I tried fresh package in the IE and its working fine .
    Did u make custom work in the template or in countdown module ? I am not able to replicate this problem at my end >

    conj Friend

    I did not understand what do you mean by : "Did u make custom work in the template or in countdown module ?"
    what i did is that i downloaded the quickstep and i used the ja charity home template. So the countdown module was already exist.

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Hi conj
    custom work means have u customized template and edited any template file , this info. will help me to debug this issue .
    I saw your site using older version of Module JA ACM >
    Also update T3 plugin to latest version .
    Go to components > JA Extension manager > Service manager area > Joomlart updates > Add your JA Account username/password save and then update extensions . Set Joomlart updates as default .
    Let me know if update solve the problem .

    conj Friend

    Hi, I updated the JA ACM but the problem did not solve. I did not edit any code in the countdown module or customized.

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Hello conj
    I tried a lot but not able to replicate this bug on your site . In this to debug the problem on your site .
    Please take a full backup of site and share your site FTP details via Private reply .
    Do not forget to take backup of site and custom changes , because i will replace the template file from fresh template package .

    conj Friend
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    Adam M Moderator

    Hi @conj,

    I’ve just checked this matter and look like there’s a bug in JS code (the written code doesn’t compatible with IE) so I raised a bug report here. Please stay tuned while we’re working on it and I will reply back shortly when the fix is available.

    conj Friend

    What is the last news about the bug?

    Adam M Moderator

    Hi @conj,

    Due to the issue status, our development team is still working on it. I sent another request to pump up the issue priority so they can check it asap, please stay tuned.

    Adam M Moderator

    Hi @conj,

    I’ve just discussed with development team a little bit about this case and we need to clarify a few points :

    1. We use module JA ACM in demo site, not JA Countdown (see section 1.2 Upcoming Event – JoomlArt Advanced Custom Module in documentation). Please confirm here and I will move the thread to JA Charity instead.

    2. We tested this matter at our end but didn’t see any problem in IE, there must be a 3rd party extension in your site which caused the problem. Please revert back (we see that you’re using another module) so we can check the error again.
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