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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    This userguide has been updated. Please find new userguide below:
    – For Joomla 1.0
    – For Joomla 1.5

    mahir Friend

    i want to have all the frontpage items on the front page show up only as titles/links to articles with a very minimal display.. something similar to the list on this website..

    how does this work? what must i do?

    ncruz Friend

    How can the NON-JOOMA Module positions can be created?

    Menalto Friend

    You need to add it to the templates index.php file and add it to the xml file in the templates folder. then you get that position to use.

    tornado Friend

    Where can I find the Module Class Suffixes for the template? And how do I get the feed icon to show up at the bottom of the page?

    Sam Kanj Friend

    Hi There,

    I downloaded this template for 1.0X and 1.5.

    Firstly I installed the 1.0 Template. Then I realised I cant modify anything with the template because the params.ini file didnt exist.

    Secondly I installed the 1.5 template after deleting the first install and then it gave me an error of xml file could not be found.

    Can someone please help me.

    tornado Friend

    Hi! I’m sorry having to tell you this, but I really would be nice If you’d put a little more effort in the release of a new template. Why do we have to wait so long for the Template Installation Instruction Guide for example? And why is it so incomplete when it’s finally released?! And then the source-files, why don’t we get a psd-file with the entire template already pre_sliced and ready to just change colors and export all the individual pieces?!

    Please, think about this…

    moveforward Friend

    Hi. This is a great new design. Is there an easy way to make the template width fluid?

    maxit Friend

    I guess cause they want you to pay for support to get it looking just how you like it or get the thing working

    titeko Friend

    Hello Admin,

    I would like to know there is possibility to supply the manual
    of installation of the templates in a simple and intuitive way (in a file
    pdf) for instance.

    This information helps a lot in the configuration of the templates, I already noticed
    that to use a template, I need to verify several items instead of to follow a simple itinerary. :confused:

    Thankful for you attention :p

    kevincarbonaro Friend

    Sometimes it is the simpler solutions that work.

    Close and re-open browser window.
    Clear browser cache.
    Login to Joomla Administrator again and upload the template.

    Strange but must have had something to do with the browser not uploading the template. If you know or think of possibly why this may have happened, kindly let me know.

    ————Original Support Request———–

    I have two websites working on joomla 1.5 stable which I installed from scratch and had no problems installing templates, however installing JA Corona 1.5 is proving impossible and do not know why.

    The new website url is

    These are the steps I took (which are the same as when I installed my other two websites):
    1. Created a new joomla 1.5 installation for a new website with sample data.
    2. Checked that the website is working.
    3. Downloaded the file JA Corona 1.5 Stable – Templates
    4. Uploaded the Template from the Admin Install/Uninstall.

    Result: The upload starts, then ends without any message of being successful or failed.

    No files were uploaded. I also checked the permissions on the templates folder, and seem to be ok.

    I also tried the quickstart package and the same happened.

    schattenzeit Friend

    Good morning (here in Germany) ,

    I have Problems (or I am foolish, couse I am a joomla – noob 😉 ) with this Template.
    I fond Step 3 Slide Menu Parameter , but I don’t find “Step 2 Change the menu title as you wish in Page title” . I don’t know where to find the Paramter-Boxes so I can change the Page Title. Something else, don’t know if it is an error: at Template Configuration on the left side I see (in german) “Menüs”: Das Standard-Template kann nicht zugewiesen warden”. Means /standard/defalut Template can not be assigned.

    Sorry for my bad English 😉 thx for help 🙂

    scottev Friend

    I get “Warning! – Failed to move file” when I try to install.

    Any thoughts?

    Menalto Friend

    <em>@scottev 43622 wrote:</em><blockquote>I get “Warning! – Failed to move file” when I try to install.

    Any thoughts?</blockquote>

    are you installing the template only or are you trying to install the quick start package as a template?

    scottev Friend

    template only

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)

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