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  • delinea Friend

    How to completely remove the JA Multilingual Component? I need the site to be as it was before installing it

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    You can Remove the extension from site from Extension > Manager > select JA Multilanguage > Uninstall and it will be removed from site.
    Kindly make sure once it removes your changes will be lost.


    delinea Friend

    well thank you very much. Now how can I erase all the languages that were created and the articles that were created for each language, since they appear in the list of articles and bother to work?

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    Before you uninstall the JA Multilingual component.

    You could Remove all the translated item.

    Please Refer to this : Link
    And it will help you to remove the translation.
    Hope it helps


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    delinea Friend

    well, thank you very much. Ok, but I uninstalled the multilingual component of JA, (was the suggestion that I got here above), now to uninstall the translations and to remove the language I must install again the multilingual component of JA? (I suppose that it eliminated everything when I uninstalled the component, and I do not want to lose the articles that I was loading after installing them, for now they were not lost after uninstalling the JA component, I just want to delete the "copies" made for each language.
    I also had problems with the "counting" of social networks (sharethis), for example: I had my homepage more than 1.5k of shared, after installing the component (now I uninstalled it) again started the counting, I’m about 19, that’s very bad for my reputation. Sorry for my bad English

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    The Social media channels use the URL of pages to count its figures
    If your site URL is changed it will not use the same count for them, There is nothing that you can control on this, as its same for all the web pages.
    The URL shared on the social media if changed, it will not pick the same.besides, you may check it with social tool provider you are using to get more information how it works


    delinea Friend

    Thank you very much, now I understood it perfectly: it was my mistake to install the translator because it brought me several problems, nowhere did I clarify this inconvenience of the counting of the shares.
    On the other hand they did not tell me how to uninstall the large number of modules and articles copied (multilingual component of JA is uninstalled), as many copies as languages had been enabled. It can? or does it cause me more inconvenience ?.
    If so, if you say that it causes me more inconvenience, that I can not have everything equal at the moment before installing multilingual component of JA, I ask you to please then, teach me how to finally install the multilingual component of JA in a way correct
    I await the suggestions that you tell me.
    Thank you very much.

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Here is complete documentation helps you to from installation, configurations and uninstallation of this component.


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