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  • bayusyerli Friend

    I’m using left-main-right.round default layout. But I want to change the top modul position. Hope the picture below can tell more clearly what I need..

    bayusyerli Friend

    Please anybody… help me please. 🙂

    brunus Friend

    Hum…I can try to help you, I have an idea on how to do this but I did not test it myself…you will have to give it a try.

    The whole idea is to desactivate the top position and to activate the content-top position. See how to activate content-top position in the thread :
    Then you sure will figure out how to desactivate top position.
    Then you will use the content-top position, insteed of the top position, to publish modules.

    I would fo it this way because it will be easy to support in case of update of the template. Less you change the code, less you will need time to upgrade in case a newer version of JA-Purity II is released.


    bayusyerli Friend

    Thanks Brunus for answering.. but i still have a problem. content-top modul position has a little white space in right and left of the module.. how to change the width of the content-top of the module so it has the same width with the component?

    Hey, do you have any suggestion how to resize the left coloumn? because i can’t find any best suggestion in the forum…

    thanks before for your great solutions Brunus!

    brunus Friend

    To resize the left column, there is a simple solution, you could read it in this thread :
    (seek for my replies, the last one is a simple and good solution)

    To edit content-top marging, you should have a look in the css files and add your own margin in the content-top class. I don’t have the template installed right now it’s on my desktop in my office, I’m un holliday now ( :p ), then I can’t answer more accuratly for now. You will have to find the classes, using firebug on firefox for example, and to change margin-left and margin-right for content-top position.

    korpost Friend

    How to resize the left column by above mention method to change size in percent?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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