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  • Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    If you find bugs with JA Simpli, please report here. Please include the following information (whenever possible)

    1. Source : Demo site / localhost / your live site.
    2. 3rd party extension details.
    3. Browser.
    4. Steps to replicate the bug.

    This will help us fix the bugs quickly.

    dot Friend


    Realy great theme, but I canot set the logo. Clean joomla 3.5.1 setup on nginx, firefox 38 esr & last version chrome.

    Thank you

    1. Untitled-3
    2. Untitled1
    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Will line it up for testing. Thanks for the bug report.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi there,

    The logo sizing uses crop instead of automatically resizing the logo to fit. Try uploading an image larger than the size set for logo and you can replicate this issue.


    bbaaer Friend

    I want to banner-top placing the Mainmenu in the position. This works. But I would like to place it horizontally, why this is not possible totz "nav-pills" in the menu class suffix?
    thank you

    gringo211985 Friend

    I noticed on my demo site that the logo is not displaying in the header at all.

    I am seeing the following image url when inspecting element in chrome:

    a.logo strong {
    background: url(inheritimages/headers/windows.jpg) no-repeat;
    text-indent: -999em;

    The "inheritimages" bit has appeared out of nowhere. If you guys need access can you send me a pm because it’s a semi-demo site that is a re-design of a production site so I don’t want to list to the public… not yet anyway.


    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    The logo issue has been fixed and will be updated in the next version. Incase you wish to check the same before release email me at and I can provide dev copy of the same.

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    To fix the logo issue follow these steps :

    1. Replace the helper.php file attached in this reply.

    2. Delete the folder media/ja_simpli

    If this does not work, let me know.

    Another bug has been noticed while fixing this, the business theme mobile layout is missing the menu. This is being debugged.

    We are off for the weekend and monday also is off, as the team worked on few weekends to bring simpli to this stage, they deserve a break. But i would be online. Feel free to add me to skype : joomspot , would love to see how simpli is being used and the issues faced.


    Arvind COO, JoomlArt

    robsshed Friend

    Thank you very much for your fast support. Those changes restored the logo and all is well.

    Thank you again Arvind and the others on the Dev Team!


    funky112233 Friend

    Source : localhost Demo
    3rd party extension none!
    Google Chrome 49 64bit

    1. Demo Installation Clean
    2. Home Variante : Corporate Layout
    3. Resize windows to 1182px width (Screenshot 1)
      -> the "Search…" Text and Container moves out of wanted region
      -> the spacing between the "Hero-Unit" and the next bottom position gets bigger as you keep resizeing the window
    4. Resize windows below 750px width (Screenshot 2)
      -> Menu dissapears, Space between hero gets bigger (bq of resizing image in the hero unit), and you may center the copyright notes at bottom.

    1. Home-Variant-Corporate-1182-px-width
    2. home-corporate-750px
    iedwards Friend

    I love the idea of this template, it’s much needed, but any changes I make to the back end configuration seem to break the template and I have to re-install it to get back to the default settings. If for example I change the preset from "blue" to "red" I get a blank page. If I add one of the header images I get the header but nothing else.

    Testing on unpublished site, fresh install of Joomla 3.5.1 with sample home page

    Screenshots capture1.jpg show the site with default prostar template capture2.jpg is with JA SIMPLI

    I then went into theme customiser and added a logo image (233x147px png) – at first it appeared ok in the template admin preview – I then changed the dimensions for the image, still ok, saved it and get a blank page in the preview and blank page on the front end.

    The same happens if I try and make any changes to the template settings. To get my page back I have to completely uninstall JA SIMPLI



    1. Capture1
    2. Capture2
    frank77 Friend

    %sitename% does not appear at copyright in footer.

    hvdmeer Friend

    When I try to download the helper.php I only get a empty file. Should it be?

    robsshed Friend

    Hello again. The template works well on PC. However, when viewed on a smartphone, the menu hamburger button or whichever method you use to display the Menu on mobile does not appear.

    For example, viewed on mobile phone;

    Recently installed Joomla with JA Simpli, live.

    neooh Friend
    1. Tabs not working.

    2. Frontend module editing – works in position-5/position-7 not in lp-xxx
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