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    Collapsed / Mobile Menu Issue…

    If you use a System Link to a Same Page URL using an anchor (eg… http://www.mysite/mypage#part2) then when you click that item on the mobile menu, the page moves to the right point BUT the menu remains expanded and can’t be closed.

    Using the same page anchor link works just fine on the full-width view menu… this seems to be just an issue with the drop-down… Can you replicate that? I can send a link if needed so you can see it.

    timtecsa Friend

    1054 Unknown column ‘images’ in ‘field list’ SQL=UPDATE #__menu SET parent_id=’1′,level=’1′,lft=’11’,rgt=’12’,alias=’home’,menutype=’mainmenu’,title=’Home’,note=”,path=’home’,link=’index.php? Added missing field in phpmyadmin Seems OK

    Tried to switch from Simpli simple to Landing Page template on Home menu. Not a quickstart install.

    Also: Table ‘o81lc_user_profiles’ does not have column ‘profile_value’ with type TEXT. (From file 3.3.4-2014-08-03.sql.) Edited LONGTEXT to TEXT in phpmyadmin. Seems OK.

    Since trying to switch templates the Logo link gives 404. Is missing /index.php/home in URL How to fix ? Site is at:

    Fixed. Home menu item had lost its Default status (yellow star 🙂

    islandview Friend

    Valid positions like top-1 and top-2 work if you type them in to module positions directly, but by default the list of positions that appear in the module position drop-down (fresh install of RC version) have different names starting with LP eg LP Top-1

    islandview Friend

    One of Simpli’s stated features is ‘playing nice with StackIdeas Components’… I’m noticing styling issues on the EasySocial activity stream….

    See image… the one talking about the cat is from EasySocial’s demo. The top one is from my JA Simpli site… note the text is not aligned center of the avatar, and there’s an odd additional bottom and right border line in there too….

    UPDATE: The border bottom and right issue seems to be applied by .media styling in l.261 typo.css? (according to my Chrome inspector)

    1. example-2
    islandview Friend

    A z-index issue with JA Simpli Mobile Menu and StackIdeas EasySocial Toolbar Menu… the mobile Simpli dropdown menu appears behind the EasySocial Toolbar Menu.

    islandview Friend

    Mobile Menu Drop-Down doesn’t scroll on iPhone6 (likely other phones too – not tested with others)….

    So if you have enough child menu items to fill the screen, the menu won’t scroll on iPhone – instead you can see in the background the page behind scrolling… but you can’t move the menu to get to lower menu items which aren’t displayed.

    islandview Friend

    Just a minor cosmetic one.. back-end custom code section.. you have the before and after sections.. but can be misleading without the </>displayed which you get in, for example, T3.

    So it says ‘before head’ and ‘after head’ and people could assume that means but I think it’s before </head> and after <head>??

    islandview Friend

    Just a minor cosmetic… on mobile view the logo doesn’t center exactly.. it doesn’t adjust for the width of the menu icon… so if you ignore the width of that on the left, it is centered ok…

    On T3 framework it seems to be able to cope with the menu icon width and centers perfectly.

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    Issue in search button with Microsoft Edge I have tested on your demo site and this is what i can have

    search block

    Search text is below the block

    seems that ie don’t like
    @media screen and (min-width: 1200px)
    .navbar-form .search .inputbox {
    width: auto;

    asefa Friend

    Thank you very much Arvind joomlart

    jonasso Friend

    It is not really a bug, but an inconvenience. Google Page Speed is complaining about the @import ../vendors/font-awesome-4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css

    Can it be added to the index.php, like this?

        $this->addStyleSheet($this->baseurl . '/templates/' . $this->template . '/vendors/font-awesome-4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css');

    Where can I find this @import, so I can remove it?

    Also, it would be nice to remove the "More Articles" from the template.css file and add it to the language file instead. It will be much easier to translate.

    .items-more:before{content:"More Articles";

    Best regards,

    folamour JAEC

    hi folks template work fine, but he bug when setting an header and trying to set the font of the text.

    its urgent because its for a site in production,

    duplicated on localhost xampp and prod site, joomla 3.6.0

    need your help to fix that,

    just install the template and try to set a header or increase font site,

    that totaly crash the template who became a white page

    need a fix urgently


    vwladmin Friend

    Reference to windows path in several Ja_Simply (Version 1.0.0 released 20 May 2016)

    in there are 47 references to "../less/D:/localhost/www/…" which doesn’t make sense since the less folder does not have any sub directories.

    Source :
    3rd party extension details. All disabled
    Browser. Safari 10.0.2
    Steps to replicate the bug.
    use a text editor that can search in multiple files (TextWrangler)

    See also:

    arebalus Friend


    While validating the HTML code generated by the template, I got this errors:

    Error: Stray end tag jdoc:include.
    Error: End tag header seen, but there were open elements.
    Error: Unclosed element div.

    I edited the template’s index.php file changing line 114 to this:


    Now the template’s output validates without errors.

    I hope this helps.

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