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    No, i don’t, all the text is HTML. Do you see the other problem with the pagebreak in some articles? in the firts link of my post can you see.
    Thanks for your response, i hope that you help me…

    Manos Moderator

    Which editor are you using?
    There might be a missing div before the page break (and a close div).

    pmhc Friend


    No, it doesn’t, the “div” tags are fine and complete. The editor that i used is dreamweaver, the code o any article is previously veirfied and clean of any word code. The problem is when i added the pagination (pagebreak), like you see in the firts link ( the right modules change position and shown in the below of the article text.
    Thanks by your reply and i hope that you help me…

    Manos Moderator

    I ment about the editor in joomla (tinymce – jce etc) .
    Anyway if you want you can give me a demo user name to check the problem from the backend.

    P.S. the site is loading very slow.

    RDCWebMan Friend

    – Url:
    – Joomla version: 1.5.15
    – Host: own shared server
    – PHP version: 5.2.11
    – Mysql version: 5.0.89
    – Template version: 1.0
    – Quickstart package: n/a
    – which WYSIWYG editor? JCE
    – Template modifications: n/a
    – Which modules installed? If quickstart package write quickstarpackage. all
    – Other add on’s installed? If you have installed other 3rd party add on’s try to un install them and see if you still have this problem. n/a
    – Description of problem:
    Over the last weekend the site showed a blank homepage in IE8 other than the top menus and the banner. There was no content. I started testing and switched off the JA News module (v1.3.1) and this resolved the problem. IE8 showed javascript errors with MooTools. Is there an upgrade for this module and how do we know when one is issued?

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi davidryedale

    I think you see this issue when you are copying the content of article from Ms.Word. In the case, you have to open articles with html mode, find Ms Word code and remove it

    Hope it helps

    RDCWebMan Friend

    Thank you. I didn’t know that was the outcome. I am normally pretty good about MS in documents but a little of it had crept in. Thank you for quick response.

    Best wishes


Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)

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