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  • Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    You need to configure the Extension to create the filter and set up the cron as well.
    Kindly follow this documentation to configure the JA Mega filter.
    It helps you to configure it for different extensions.


    wirel Friend

    How can I configure it if it doesnt even appear on the frontend?

    Please have a look at the frontend (link above)

    Please help

    Thank you

    wirel Friend

    I am not using any third parties

    I am only using joomla articles

    Thank you

    michael_xiii Friend

    wirelexx, Looks like just nobody cares about customers.

    I’m trying to get any reaction about don’t working module bought 5 days ago in a neighbor topics….. and – NOBODY CARES!

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Sorry for the delay, due to weekend holidays there s limited support.
    I checked your site and extension is not configured yet.
    Please add cron Jon as mentioned in the documentation.
    Also, add the extra field in the articles and add an image in the article via Joomla articles > image and links options.
    Publish the module and it will show you range filter that you created, click on search will give the search results that are using extra fields.


    wirel Friend

    the module didnt appear due to a template css problem (third party template… not a joomlart problem)

    Solved now
    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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