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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    It’s been a while (almost 1,5 year now :D) we stopped giving preview for the coming release, starting this month, we will be doing it again !

    JA Lens is our May template, and I will leave it to you guys to decide whether it is good or bad.

    Just a few technical notes:
    – It will be perfectly responsive like JA Wall
    – It is adopting the Undesign & Minimal trend in which we will use the content to craft the beauty of the design.
    – It will be looking good with standard content like JA Wall

    If you like it, leave your feedback and I will post the next screenshots, if not then this is the only sneak peak we have :p

    Sneak Peak1: K2/com_content Detailed page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peak2: Home

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peak3: Portfolio/Items Listing

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peak4: Category/Blog View

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peak5: Comment Page View

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peak6: 404 Page View

    View the higher resolution Here

    Blaine Friend

    Beautiful!!! LOVE it and can’t wait!!

    swissa Friend

    Looks good and would love to see more images / sneak previews of it.

    Can’t wait for Wall though. I take it that my beta invitation: – got lost in the post / the dog ate it!


    kyovev Friend

    holy shit, this is amazing!

    Zak Gourley Friend

    Impressive indeed!

    Blaine Friend

    Swissa, please check your PM from me

    tfosnom Friend

    and what of my invitation also?

    Hung Dinh Friend

    More screenshots added to the first post…

    swissa Friend

    <em>@Blaine 314998 wrote:</em><blockquote>Swissa, please check your PM from me</blockquote>

    Thank you for your mail Blaine. 🙂

    With the new previews up here I’m sad that I’m useless with fotografie. Can’t wait to see what gets posted in the showcase with this one!

    Merci vielmals!

    iguinee Friend

    It’s always a good idea.

    I believe most people here like previews. And it helps plan future projects.

    Do not stop it, please.

    zao dao JATC

    don’t like this dark template

    Blaine Friend

    Well colours can always be adjusted through CSS but I think the styling is the main point here zaodao. And as always, with lots of colours on a site, black makes them “pop”! IMHO

    joev Friend

    I have to say that between JA Wall and now JA Lens, that the team is finally back on track again. I’m happy to see JA embracing responsive designs, especially the cleaner design style. JA Lens looks great so far. I’m glad that the blog page is showing some lighter colors. My initial concern is that it may be to dark, as most users would probably like to use this for business themes also. Maybe it’s the module styles that look so dark. Can’t wait to see more previews.

    joev Friend

    By the way, does the Portfolio page have sorting where items can be sorted (jquery ajax effect) without reloading the page. Seems like most WordPress themes offer this effect. Also, can you change the size and layout of the images. Is there an overlay effect when hovering over. Thanks.

    dieudonne Friend

    Excellent !
    I can’t wait to test this new template 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 92 total)

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