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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi guys,

    Marching into 8th year of existence the year has to start great right? A year for template club means another set of 12 templates released over the 12 months but for us its more about quality, challenges and unique designs. To kickstart this year I present you Purity III a feature packed Joomla template which outweighs all our templates in terms of features and flexibility. More details can be read in the introductory blog post. Please do leave comments on the blog post.

    A big Question : “Purity III in spite of being the monthly template would be FREE” so would it be fair for all the JATC members who expect commercial template accessible only to those who signup club membership?

    Our Answer : No, its not fair to release monthly template as free and expect JATC members to accept it on face value.

    Solution :

    1. JA Wall access to JATC members : JA Wall bundle worth $49 will now be accessible for free to club members.

    Now this decision will be welcomed by the club members but what happens to JA Wall members or members with JATC + JA Wall or JAEC + JA Wall? Let me clear the same as below :

    1. JA Wall builders :
    – Current or expired JA Wall members to get 50% OFF on JATC or JAEC.
    Coupon code : WALL50JATC

    2. Guys with mixed club membership where the other membership is JA Wall (current or expired).
    – 50% OFF (additional 20% OFF on top of regular 30% renewal discount) on JAEC or JATC renewal.
    Coupon code : WALLMIX20

    3. Other special cases please raise a support ticket.

    I know JA Wall members may feel that its not fair to ask them for more to upgrade, but please note JA Wall is single template with multiple themes whereas JATC is club membership with access to all the Joomla templates. The difference is huge.

    JA Wall future :
    1. We would be maintaining JA Wall like we always have, bug fixes, new themes and regular upgrades would be available.
    2. Renewal option would still be active for JA Wall builders who do not avail the above promotion.
    3. JA Wall buy option will no longer be listed on the signup page.

    We would be sending emails to all JATC and JA Wall members to intimate about the above changes.

    Now back to Purity III, it would be an ongoing project for this year and we will keep updating it with features and bug fixes.

    CHECK out this month’s template – Purity III

    ladycirino Friend

    si esta bine muy biensov

    webstudio7 Friend

    As a member with Developer licence I don’t like Your free templates and Your way ti make advertising in this way!!!!
    For me this month is useless: I don’t get new template I could use in commercial project.

    Phill Moderator

    <em>@webstudio7 407946 wrote:</em><blockquote>As a member with Developer licence I don’t like Your free templates and Your way ti make advertising in this way!!!!
    For me this month is useless: I don’t get new template I could use in commercial project.</blockquote> Can you explain in more detail? This project in no way prevents the standard monthly releases from being as good as ever.

    webstudio7 Friend

    <em>@phill luckhurst 407955 wrote:</em><blockquote>This project in no way prevents the standard monthly releases </blockquote>

    Do You read what Your Boss “Hung Dinh” wrote on link >
    <blockquote>For club members :
    We know you expect a club template every month. JA Purity III is a club template for the month February 2014 but it is also free for everyone. But the club members get bonus access to JA Wall joomla template bundle for free.
    <em>@phill luckhurst 407955 wrote:</em><blockquote>Can you explain in more detail? </blockquote>
    The customers can download this template itself, not good for web developers, web studios, freelancers. What should I explane here? πŸ™‚

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi Denis,

    First of all, thank you for being a Developer, thanks to your support that we can spend part of our time and resources to do something big like Purity to contribute back to Joomla Community. To some extend, making Joomla more beautiful is not only JoomlArt’s mission but also a responsibilty of any Joomla web developers/studios

    1. Purity III is your starting point from which any web developer, web studios can build any sites with minimal effort and basic UX, UI skill. @tomc is always right with his all time statement “Template is just a stating point”
    Purity will help you to create many perfect variation that you don’t even recognize it is based on Purity. If you notice, you can see that and are very close to “made from Purity”

    2. If a customer can download and build a site without any help from other web developers, web studios. They wont bother hiring a developer/studio and they are not potential customers anyway πŸ™‚

    3. IMHO, trying to prevent our customer from making a great web site on their own is not the right way of doing “web development” business, I would love to work with customers who can know how to build and maintain their website properly.

    Hope this explains

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi webstudio7,

    I can understand when you say that this template is of limited use to you but you should look beyond that, consider this theme as a base theme for upcoming templates, you should also check the changelog of the latest version of T3 framework released with this template, it has features we have been working on for months. For example addons (3rd party compatibility), JS compression option (new) and extended com_content (blog post coming next week) .

    To release it as free or not is a policy decision but to make sure the message is not taken in a wrong way, we have merged JA Wall with JATC, which from my personal point of view would result in less revenue from that particular featured product, but we are looking beyond it, its not about money or business, its about creativity and constant improvement.

    We do not believe in releasing too many free templates, so far we have released only purity II, elastica (responsive) and T3 blank. Purity III was logical and it took over 3 months to plan it. If you can try to ignore the free tag of it, may be you would like it too.

    I am sure once you start playing with purity III, you may consider it for your upcoming projects.



    swissa Friend

    Thanks chaps.

    Nice to see effectively a T3 blank with a large range of styles built in. That can only save me time!!

    I haven’t built a site for ages that looked liked the base template. This is only going to save me time where I don’t have to code new modules, hunt out php etc. Now I can focus on the function and form. The fun bit is always doing the design/styling/css specific for the client as well as being the ‘bit’ they see.

    Hope it plays nicer (as tested) with Jomsocial – some mega menu problems still there guys despite the code changes. ( Had to do the last site on Warp. Sorry! :-[ )


    asdecruces Friend

    Thats ok, im agree

    akrantz Friend

    Great template!

    Phill Moderator

    <em>@swissa 408001 wrote:</em><blockquote>

    Hope it plays nicer (as tested) with Jomsocial – some mega menu problems still there guys despite the code changes. ( Had to do the last site on Warp. Sorry! :-[ )


    Can you please create a thread detailing any of these Jomsocial problems so they can be fixed?

    teclado6666 Friend

    facinante temas como para soΓ±ar πŸ˜€

    nikpony Single

    Very good!

    ghada Friend

    so good templet

    spyrosgkliatis Friend

    thanks you !!

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