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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

3 Joomla templates have just been upgraded the latest version of Joomla: Joomla 3.2.1 and Joomla 2.5.17 for the third batch of Joomla templates along with numerous bug fixes following up with the first round and the second round.

The 3 Joomla templates of this batch are:

  • Free Responsive Joomla template for Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 - JA Elastica
  • Responsive Joomla template for Business - JA Mixmaz
  • Joomla template for News - JA Orisite

More details can be read at the changelogs below and please ALWAYS back up your site before proceeding to the update process.

We have upgraded the powerful Joomla template framework - T3 Framework 2.0.2 to the latest version of Joomla 3.2.1 and Joomla 2.5.17.

In case you are new to T3, here are some key features of this Joomla framework:

  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5, Bootstrap 3 and LESS
  • Comes with 2 starter themes
  • Flat design
  • Supports Megamenu and Off-canvas
  • Flexible layout system
  • Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 native
  • Supports Real Time Theme Customization
  • Supports Font Awesome 3 & 4

In this update, we have included numerous bug fixes with two improvements. Those are:

  • Add condition to load old javascript only in Joomla 2.5.x
  • Add gutter width on thememagic for T3 B3 Blank template

Our 2nd round of Joomla 3.2 upgrade featuring 4 popular Joomla templates and T3v2 Framework is in the spotlight this week. In case you haven’t known about the first round, dive in for your information. There were a few bug fixes packed into these upgrade packages as well.

Excited, huh? Those 4 templates are: Joomla template for business and personal blog - JA Mendozite, Joomla template for education - JA University, Joomla template for Social Media - JA Zite and Joomla template for business eCommerce JA Vintas.

Our Responsive Joomla template for Portfolio – JA Appolio version 1.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 has just been released with some bug fixes. Built on the robust T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 at core, this stunning template assures to help you build a powerful product portfolio and showcase website.

Joomla search component K2 Filter version 1.1.0 is out, now compatible with Joomla 3.2 and has new features, improvements along with bug fixes.

What are the new features of K2 Filter?

  • Display Extra field option in alphabetical order
  • Option to order K2 Extra Field Groups
  • More field type options for standard search fields
  • 3 modes for keyword search: extract phrase, all words, any word
  • Support URL of Ajax filter result page

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