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    Hopefully someone can assist me with this. I have finished developing my site, everything looks great exactly the way I want it (including the URL’s, which I have made SEF with the help of sh404sef).

    Now, I am trying to create an xml sitemap of my website, so that I can upload this to google webmaster tools, so that my site can be correctly listed with google. I have used a basic xml sitemap crawler to generate the file, and it starts off just fine.

    But after adding several of my links to the sitemap, the process suddenly stops and all the rest of my links are stopped from being added to the xml sitemap, listing “403 – Forbidden” error. This is very strange, because all of my internal links are similar in nature, and are all listed as publicly viewable. I have tried to generate the sitemap on several different sitemap crawlers, and every time the same errors occur.

    Two questions:

    1. Why are some of the links ok, others are not? In other words, why is the 403 error showing for only some of my internal links? All of the links point to articles, so they are identical types of links – there is no reason (that I can see) why the 403 error should only appear for some of my internal links and not others.

    2. What can I do to solve this issue? I can’t load up a sitemap with these types of errors to google, so I need to solve it quite urgently.

    Any solutions will be very welcome.

    Many Thanks,

    kshama_k Friend


    can you please send me your Site URL and admin access on
    so that we can help you better.

    apdodger Friend

    Hi Kshama

    Thanks for the reply, I updated the ticket you created with my details, so you should receive that.

    If you can help, much appreciated!

    pritam Friend

    Hello apdodger ,

    I have checked your site . Its looking and working good. All internal links are also working well. Can you please confirm that you have solved the issue , So that we can close the ticket. Otherwise you can send screen shot where you exactly getting the error.

    You can also refer to this url :-

    Here you will get configuration details for XML Sitemap.

    apdodger Friend

    Thanks Pritam,

    Issue solved, sorry for getting back to you a bit late. Also, thanks for the link.


    denime Friend


    I have built my site…last thing to do is load xmap….but i am unable to and get a blank page with some details about xmap and an image.
    Isee that the xmap folder reflects under the components. When opening xmap the first thing i see is

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ….sitenameadministratorcomponentscom_xmapclassesXmapConfig.php on line 59
    There is not created sitemaps yet

    and under the extension section of xmap i see:
    Warning: Installing 3rd party extensions may compromise your server’s security.

    can anyone assist me with this…it is quite urgent

    Thank you


    John Wesley Brett Moderator
    denime Friend

    Hi Jbrett

    why does Joomlart reject xmap? I use xmap on another site and would like to have used it on my Joomlart site as i know how to use it.

    I have already read the link provided above and this is one of the statements on it:

    Step 2: Download one of these components: Joomap, XMap or SEF Service Map. They are all good.

    also you link to provided above –…/site-map/3066 opens up xmap – by ‘Guillermo Vargas’ which is the very product i have the problem with? not sure if i’m missing something here?:confused:

    i have also checked — there are a number of options….can you tell me which one you use/or/ that other members use that works with Joomlart templates?

    Thanks for responding quickly.


    denime Friend


    Can someone tell me which sitemap extension to use. I need it to be able to include Mosets tree directory and k2 articles – my site is built around this.

    I have tried all the available ones (there are not many). the 2 that did not get rejected do not create sitemap info for Mosets & k2!

    What am i meant to do: I love the JA_Business template but c’mon guys – what’s the problem here – why can i not get this to work?>:(

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help.

    Thank you


    gauravgoyal Friend


    I am new here and working on a wordpress website now I am looking for a plugin to create a Xml sitemap for website can you suggest me a good one.

    Thank You

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