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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Our team is working hard on the Xenia II with 2 styles options:

    Style 1: Dark theme with like a Gamer Magazine
    Style 2: The theme is the same as the original Xenia but we provide a solution to integrate with Vituemart, extra stylesheet are created and fixes for the markup and script problem

    I hope the “most wanted” Xenia will now can adapt to more uses:)

    ErikThorsen Friend

    Yes, this is something I have been waiting for. Looking very much forward to see this new release. Hopefully also it will look extremely nice in Virtuemart. Thanks!

    David Friend

    thanks a lot :D. I need this virtuemart integration, How can we download Xenia II :D.

    —– Editing post 5 min after —-

    I have just seen the account behind. Thanks 😀

    brandon12 Friend

    when I played with xenia, ja-news ajax didn’t rotate with opensef enabled.

    bernhar Friend

    Yes, there seems to be a problem when JaNews is combined with a SEF-Tool. I can confirm this for SEFAdvance. Would be great to have the solution together with Xenia II.

    Hung Dinh Friend

    We are working on the SEO issue and hope the problem will be fixed with Xenia II release

    comclan Friend

    Would indeed be great with a sef working version..

    imported_johnsta Friend

    Screenshot please?

    subtiricaliviu Friend

    johnsta;7260Screenshot please?

    Screenshot will be nice.:)

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Here is the preview of Xenia II Gamer Magazine

    Hope you enjoy !

    Hung Dinh Friend

    <em>@comclan 7238 wrote:</em><blockquote>Would indeed be great with a sef working version..</blockquote>
    Yeah! Confirmed 🙂

    noblecode Friend


    The screen shot looks great! Another great job…you guys create very nice templates!

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Thanks noblecode ! The ajax is enhanced as well

    leoncai Friend

    I have come to expext alot from Joomlart, unlike the rest of the joomla template clubs with the exception of SOME other templates, in general Joomla has the best templates with the best over all features and design. To date, i have to say that there are two templates from Rocket Theme that deserve huge applause, while here at Jommlart, there is always great stuff. I guess from the images provided, it seems that virtual mart intergration is nice, however, the only really nice part is the intergrated shopping cart status, everything else has been pretty much do able withouth much touble in the past.

    I like the “TOYS” so tools box, an excellent addition. Xenia, was a wonderful addition. I have to say that i was very impressed with the scroller and the features that were build it. I hope to see MORE features in this template or the next, however the demo will provide more insight in less thatn two hours YAY!!!

    Some more soon… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    FrankKarmeyer Friend

    the jump from xenia to xenia II seems a bit short…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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