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    How do I add typography to articles using TinyMCE?

    First let me say that my new template is awesome. I was a member of another club and this template is so much better designed and documented. I’m also new to Joomla so I’m working through many issues but getting things looking pretty good I think at

    I’m having a hard time adding typography of any sort to my articles. I was hoping that the formatting options would appear in the –Styles– or –Format– areas of TinyMCE when I’m creating articles but they don’t appear there. Also if I try to add them manually through html then TinyMCE strips out the code 🙁

    How can I use typography when creating articles in TinyMCE?

    Thank you.

    lcristian Friend

    Hello sirmoby,

    The hard (better way) :
    Go and download JCE Editor from HERE
    Download the component and the plugin.
    Install both, publish the plugin, configure the component, configure your user to use the editor.
    Set the “Clean HTML” to Off in the JCE plugin options.
    Go and style your articles

    The easy way :
    Go to plugins and configure the TinyMCE to not clean your HTML and try again the manual way.

    Have fun 🙂

    sirmoby Friend

    Thank you Icristian.

    It does seem that JCE is the best way and I have it working just fine now. Another question though and it’s more configuration of preferences then technical now.

    Since JCE now loads dozens and maybe 100s or styles when using template.css, does it make sense to create a customer editor.css file with only the styles that I plan on using? It seems like a reasonable thing to do but would that cause other issues?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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