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    I’m having a problem that i don’t know how to solve… Some of my Categories have long names and i can’t reduce them, so it shows the USER/AUTHOR | Category name | Data in 2 lines instead of 1. What do you suggest me to do?

    Can i change the date format to try to reduce the extension of the line?

    Thank you so much

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    You’re right, the space will be not enough to show long name. You can change the font of info displaying in that part: author name / category title / data.

    But it’s better if you change the date format. To do this, you can download attached file > unzip and copy it to this directory: [root]/templates/ja_focus/html/layouts/joomla/content/info_block/

    Open the file ‘create_date.php’ you just copied, you will see that it’s using DATE_FORMAT_LC3 format.

    The date format is declared here: [root]/language/en-GB/en-GB.ini

    You can look for this line: DATE_FORMAT_LC3="d F Y"

    and change to the desired format.

    You can view the complete list of PHP date formats here:


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    Hermano Friend

    Thank you but where is the attached file?

    Saguaros Moderator
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    Hermano Friend

    I wasn’t well succeeded 🙁

    I’m using Portuguese translation and i’d like the following format:


    Thanks for all your help

    Saguaros Moderator

    Kindly share admin + ftp account of your site, I will check for you.

    Hermano Friend
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    Saguaros Moderator

    My above suggestion is applied to English, if you want to apply for Portuguese (pt-PT), you need to edit the associated language file of template in portuguese:


    I edited this line: DATE_FORMAT_LC3="d.m.Y" . It’s showing fine now, kindly check.

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