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    Upgrading Joomla 1.6 to 1.7 is fairly easy. However, it is strongly recommended that you make a full backup of your website in case something goes wrong.

    First, make sure that your Joomla 1.6 application is updated to the latest version of the 1.6 branch – Joomla 1.6.5. Then, go to Extensions -> Extensions Manager page in your Joomla administrative area.

    On this page you have to locate the Update tab and click on it. It will take you to the page, responsible for the update process.

    Once you are on this page, press the “Find Updates” button in the upper menu. It will check for the latest Joomla upgrade available[FONT=arial].


    In few seconds the new Joomla version should appear. Select it and press the “Update” button. It will download the appropriate upgrade package and apply it to your site.

    [/FONT]In few seconds the update process will complete and you will have a working Joomla 1.7 ready to be used! Since the new version of Joomla uses the same template engine, your website front end should not be changed in any way.


    [FONT=arial]Just as in the previous versions, Joomla 1.6 has a Global Configuration area. You can find it in Joomla Admin, Top admin panel, Site, Global Configuration. There you will find 4 tabs with the following options:[/FONT]


    1. Site – here you can change all basic site settings such as site name, meta data and SEO options. You can also put your site offline and set the offline message from here.

    System – while most of the settings in the system tab are rather advanced, you should definitely pay attention to two of them:

    • Cache Settings – set it to On – Progressive Caching if you’d like maximum caching and fastest Joomla. Set it to On – Conservative if you’d like to disable modules caching. In any case there is cache time in minutes. During this time changes may not appear because cached copies will be served to the viewers.

    • [FONT=arial]Session Settings – this is the timeframe during which you will stay logged in your Joomla even if you are inactive. Increase it if you are annoyed by being logged out too often from your Joomla.

    1. Server – most of the settings here should be automatically configured during the installation. You might want to change the Location Settings if you are in a different time zone though. This will help you when the published date of your articles is incorrect or when you receive Joomla notifications with invalid date.
    2. Permissions – this is probably the most important improvement in Joomla 1.6. It gives you the opportunity to allow / disallow certain actions for the different access levels and groups users. By default you should change nothing in the Permissions for a standard site. These functions are rather meant for sites with complex structure and multiple user levels.


    TomC Moderator

    UPGRADE FROM J1.6.5 to J1.7

    For sites already up-to-date running Joomla 1.6.5, upgrading to Joomla 1.7 is now very easy.
    Before you begin:

    • Check that all installed extensions are compatible with Joomla 1.7 by checking the JED Listing or developer site.
    • Backup the website files and database.

    1. In the Administrator, select the Extensions-Extensions Manager Menu item.

    2. Click the Update Sub menu.

    3. Click the Purge Cache, then Find Updates Buttons in the Button Bar located in the upper right of the page.

    4. Click the checkbox to the left of the Joomla line containing the latest Version Number and, next, press the Update Button in the Button Bar. Be patient while the system downloads and replaces the necessary files. This can take several minutes or could update very quickly, depending on your system.

    5. When the update has finished, you will be presented with this page.

    That’s it! Follow these simple instructions next time you upgrade. Now, it’s to keep your Joomla website up-to-date and safe!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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