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    <em>@mammam 264080 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi,
    I’m building a Joomla site about software news, especially about Silverlight by Microsoft. So, I think I should focus on Bing search engine created by them because I want to attract people who care about Microsoft (I assume they use Bing).

    Are there any special tips and useful techniques for SEO on Bing?
    Thank you.</blockquote>

    I think you have targeted the right readers for your website.
    Special tips? I don’t think if there is any special tips just for Bing. You do off-page SEO in the favor of Google, and it will yield results in Bing, too.
    But I heard that Bing does not take much attention on backlinks, not like Google.

    thedigger Friend

    On-page optimization is the most important to get results in bing. Must Check validations and not found pages. Technically your website must be error free.

    sharrons Friend

    In my past experience i have noticed Bing and Yahoo almost every time having the search results where as Google displaying totally different results.

    If you are targeting Bing, i would suggest you make use of the keyword density in places like the URL, content.

    michelsmith Friend

    Research the different types of backlinks and how to structure them. Then look up how to check traffic to keywords (make sure you dont look at the broad number) then look up how to check the competition of pages for keywords.

    danucadanu Friend

    Bing and Yahoo have a different algorithm than Google.There you can use a high keyword density and also site wide links – which are bad for Google. But Bing give more importance to age of a domain – for example my website with friv games4all is in google SERP, but not in Bing, because is a new site. Anyway , SEO needs patience, does no matter what is the search engine. Good luck!

    elmanarah Friend

    Yup I agree with danucadanu point that Bing/Yahoo have different Algoritham.First of all Google index all the stuff but Bing Index mostly unique Stuff.In order to rank your Joomla site better in Bing for onsite yup concentrate a little more on keyword density and make sure your keyword appear in TITLE/DESCRIPTION and twice in above the fold area.Do not screw keyword density in order to over do it.Anchors still have value when it come to Bing.

    nidhivyas Friend

    Bing and Yahoo search engine have different algorithms than google.
    You can used high keyword density in site.
    You can used fresh and unique content.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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