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  • cheesegrits Friend

    Hey guys,

    I’m the developer of Fabrik for Joomla, which has a lot of UI code.

    I just noticed that in the latest release of the T3 framework, you have changed how the "on off" button groups are built (t3onoff, the case where there is a simple two button group with 1 and 0 as the values).

    In line 27 of frontend-edit.js, you do this when converting radio buttons in fieldsets:

                var $this = $(this), $input = $this.prev('input'),
                cls = $this.hasClass('off') || $input.val() == '0' ? 'off' : 'on';

    … which makes the assumption that the ‘input’ tag for the radio button is before the label, rather than in or after it. Which is often not the case.

    This has broken all two button radio groups that Fabrik builds.

    I’m working on some layout overrides in Fabrik to fix this, but can I suggest that rather than making assumptions about the DOM structure, you use the ‘for’ attribute on the label to get the input, which is what the ‘for’ attribute is for, so you don’t have to make assumptions about the DOM structure. And maybe a fallback to current behavior if the label doesn’t have a ‘for’ attribute …

    var $this = $(this), $input = $('#' + $(this).attr('for'));
    if ($input.length === 0) {
       $input = $this.prev('input');

    Thanks for considering it,

    — hugh

    Hugh Messenger
    Lead Dev

    cheesegrits Friend

    I had a look at changing Fabrik’s layouts in an override for T3, but for a lot of reasons it’s just not practical.

    Also, I noticed that on line 36 of the same file, you already use the ‘for’ attribute rather than relying on DOM structure, for the exact same purpose …

                var label = $(this),
                    input = $('#' + label.attr('for'));

    … so I’m really hoping you’ll modify the code on line 27 to do the same thing. I changed my copy on a test server, and everything works fine.

    — hugh

    cheesegrits Friend

    I’ve submitted a PR on the t3 github repo:

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Would you mind sharing an example where we can replicate the issue of this conflict? I will share with the dev crew for further consideration.


    cheesegrits Friend

    Thanks for the response.

    I don’t have a public server I can point you at right now, but one of my clients (a Fabrik user) should be following up here soon with an example, and I’ll point out the specifics when he does.

    — hugh

    burghard Friend

    You can find a simple example at my site As you can see, the on/off button near "nur Zusammenfassung" is rendered as a blank rectangle.

    cheesegrits Friend

    And as you can see, this is because the fieldset is rendered like this:

    <fieldset class="radio btn-radio t3onoff" data-toggle="buttons" style="padding-top:0px!important">
    <label for="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung_input_0" class="fabrikgrid_0  btn-default on">
        <input type="radio" class="fabrikinput " name="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung[]" id="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung_input_0" value="0"><span>Nein</span>
    <label for="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung_input_1" class="fabrikgrid_1  btn-default on">
        <input type="radio" class="fabrikinput " name="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung[]" id="fab_newsletter___nur_zusammenfassung_input_1" value="1" checked="checked"><span>Ja</span>

    … with the radio input inside the label, rather then preceeding it. The t3onoff code as written assumes that the input will preceed the label. Which it does in native J! forms, but that’s just a layout convention.

    This is easily remedied by just using the ‘for’ property of the label to find the input, rather than looking for prev(), as per my PR.


    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for sharing, let me share with the dev crew for further consideration.


    cheesegrits Friend

    Thanks. And just a reminder, there’s a pull request here:

    … with the fix.

    sunnyjey Friend

    Thank you Hugh for the fix. Love you.

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    burghard Friend

    Will the commits from the above pull request find their way into the master branch? I saw it is still open.

    Saguaros Moderator

    Yes, it will be merged soon.

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