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    It´s no more possible for me, to change the standard settings of ALL my JA-Templates:
    When i try to change parts of global settings or menu settings, these a parts get the colour red and “save” isn´t possble any more.

    Maybe I made something wrong – after a hacker-attack in december – by once (January) copying and editing JA-university-Template.
    I hoped that de-installation of the templates would help …
    I have thougt wrong – the same problem as before.

    Hoping for your answers, helpful for our school-homepage.

    Best regards

    1. JA-template-standardSetting-mistake
    alexsmirnov Friend

    Hi there,

    Could you please describe what exactly your were trying to do in Global Configurations that didn’t work for you? As you can see I’ve successfully turned global parameter “Site Offline” to “Yes”.

    I also played a bit with your default template JA University and it responded to my actions just fine.

    Please try changing your browser or/and clearing your browser cache.



    kbernauer Friend

    Dear Alex,
    thank you for your fast and helpful answer.
    You are right, now the Ja-Templates also answers to my actions just right …
    because I have now activated the ENGLISH LANGUAGE in my user-profile. Always when I have activated the German Language, the saving of the changes doesn´t work!! Bug? or other problem? … Never mind …
    Thanks a lot in the name of our school-team. Problem SOLVED!! 🙂

    alexsmirnov Friend

    Hi there,

    Glad to see you are getting on allright. 🙂

    To your issue, I’ve just switched your Super User language for admin panel from English back to German (DE-CH-AT) and successfully tweaked some parameters on and off (tested under Chromium browser).

    Hope your admin panel will work under German language for you as well. Please don’t forget to use “JAT3 Clear Cache” button at the top of the panel as well as Site -> Wartung -> Cache Leeren:



    1. cache_leeren
    kbernauer Friend

    Hi Alex!
    Once more a question. I just wanted to edit an article. Unfortunatley it didn´t work, with none of the editors. It seems, that the template can´t be assigned. What can be the problem? for me it seems to be in context with the problem above.
    Hopeing for your valuable time once more.
    Regards Klaus

    1. joomla-editor-article
    alexsmirnov Friend

    Hi there,

    0 Download from fresh Joomla 2.5.19 installation ZIP archive
    1 Upload this archive onto the root directory of this web-site
    2 Extract it, rewriting your Joomla system folders and files

    Hope this helps



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