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    I’ve seen there are 3-4 threads on this topic. I tried out the solutions suggested in all of them, to no avail.

    My JA SlideShow2 in Beryl is not showing the description.

    PFA, the relevant screenshots.



    1. frontpage
    2. backend1
    3. backend2
    khoand Friend

    Could you give me username+password of your backend and ftp? I will check it.

    smhitsolutions Friend

    hi khoand,

    have PM’d you the details yesterday.

    khoand Friend

    I don’t know why. I logged in your backend successfully. But when I goto any menu items (module, plugin, …), I get error: 404 page not found. Do you check it?
    username+password of ftp is just cPanel.

    smhitsolutions Friend

    hi Khoand,

    Sorry for the trouble. I got to know that the 1.7 version of the template is highly unlikely. So i nuked the entire site, and started a fresh build on 1.7 with a different 1.7 template. THanks for the effort. really appreciate it.

    ipaent Friend

    I’m having the same issue

    khoand Friend

    <em>@ipaent 292000 wrote:</em><blockquote>I’m having the same issue</blockquote>
    You create a new ticket with username+password of your ftp and backend. And you inform me, I will check it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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