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    Hey guys, I built my site around JA Sanidine II when it first came out, and after a month or two started work on another project. The slidshow was placed with a margin/padding? around it.

    I have now downloaded the newest version of this template with the IE8 fixes and the slideshow is now in the top left corner of it’s position, it doesn’t have space around it now. This seems to be the same on the majority of sites I have seen on here.

    I checked the template files as I remember a long time ago changing the padding around it after I made the slideshow smaller, but I have checked the files again and tried changing a few things but for some reason it’s not making a difference, either that or im changing the wrong thing.

    Any ideas?

    PS, if my post is confusing or no one knows what I mean, I can post a screenshot if need be.

    Anonymous Moderator


    Open templates/ja_sanidineii_light/css/template.css file, at about line 1136, find following code:

    #ja-topsl1 div#ja-slideshowwrap {
    margin:20px 10px;

    and change to;

    #ja-topsl1 div#ja-slideshow-wrap {
    margin:20px 10px;

    vwrmic Friend

    Thank you very much, that worked fine, I don’t know if that should be included in the template files as well, so no one else has this issue?

    For anyone else wanting to do this, make sure you put a space like below between margin:20px otherwise it won’t find it.

    #ja-topsl1 div#ja-slideshowwrap {
    margin: 20px 10px;

    vwrmic Friend

    Is there an issue with the JA_Bulletin module which sits next to the slideshow as well? On the demo template here on JoomlArt, it’s out of place. Just wondered if there’s a quick fix for that?

    cranberry muffinman Friend

    Fantastic Thread please keep this stickied it was literally just what i was looking for

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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