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    I’m helping a friend learn Joomla and were working on a webstore. I’m having a problem with the front page, both the site logo AND the site title are being displayed, instead of just the logo. The rest of the site seems to be ok. Its messing up the look and formatting of the header.

    I cannot find the cause so far and its getting a bit maddening, site is at if anyone wants to take a look and mabye offer some ideas?


    scotty Friend

    Very strange. For some reason on your home page the header link is in a H2 tag and on all other pages it’s in a H1 tag (and thus styled correctly).

    Have you modified your index.php file?

    ergohost Friend

    Ah, ok, I read about that problem elsewhere related to a different matter. I wonder, I have sh404 installed and I think its got the setting somewhere to manipulate the h tags, I will try to turn it off and see what changes.

    I also read it can be indirectly caused by other page content, not sure about the validity of that but the only thing different on this page to the rest on the site is it has an article which has site modules planted in it utilising the modules anywhere plugiin.

    I’ll have a tinker and post back, thanks for your response.

    ergohost Friend

    Excellent, that was it! Thanks for your comment, it turned me to the right direction 🙂

    Components > Sh404sef > sh404SEF Configuration > Meta/SEO > Change multiple h1 in h2 (Set to no)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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