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    Here are some SEO advices for beginners i can say.

    1. Link Directories – Good only for PR (google case)[
    Example: I paid about 300$ for links on many directories, on PR3-5 pages. All good. When google crawled some of them the PR went to 1 or 2.
    Conclusion – Don’t waist your time too much and especially the money on those.

    2. Social Bookmarking – 100 digs for some pages
    Example: I had a Web 2.0 Design Tutorial website and got about 100 digs for some articles, technorati, and so on.
    When checking backlinks showed only 5 of them.
    Conclusion – Pretty good but make sure your article is 110% original.

    3. Article Submission – 20 articles on “famous” article directories
    Example: As i was writing the tutorials i thought “let’s publish them”.
    Backlinks – very few after so much work

    4. Link Exchange websites – Paid about 50$/monthly for 3 link exchange websites.
    Example: I added my website to this websites and received about 400 links every month. I added a link exchange script with the “nofollow” attribute ON. I even added the disallow rule in .htaccess. All good so far. – Source:

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    Whatever your first words in keyword meta-tag this section should be the first word in your meta tag title. This allows search engines to realize that the word is very important to your SEO strategy and more emphasis is placed on the word. It helps optimize your search engine much more than an ability to actually rank for the keywords specified in the search results.

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    That right!
    Selection key words is very important!
    But for a website selling the backlink is more important!
    Do you think so?:-[

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    SEO is a not an overly complicate process: it just takes a lot of time for things to get going. It is a complex process but an easy tactic to implement in your online business. The most important things in SEO are sticking with the basics. These include the importance of genuine content and building of quality backlinks. Here are some more SEO tips for beginners:

    -Internal page optimization: make sure that you use good keywords, title tags, and search engine friendly URL’s for the web pages.
    -Off page optimization. This mostly involves link building techniques.

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    The question is, does using a dynamic content mangement system like drupal or wordpress help?

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    Thanks for sharing information with us.

    SEO Experts | SEO India

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    So much for the SEO beginners. Everyone has their own reasoning to make the different SEO methods. Thank for your share.

    I have a website with the tutorial is a fairly good seo is written in Vietnamese.
    Dich vu seo

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    I am agree with your answer Mr antoniayash.

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