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    I have a problem:
    Where can I set the left offcanvas sidebar(1) to right side and turn off current right sidebar(2).
    I want to have only (1)sidebar at the right side with (1) style. So we need to turn off (2) and replace (1).

    and one more:
    When I turn off (VitrueMart>Configuration>SEO> SEO Inactive) and I choose product from the shop on the front site there always is 404. Link ends */?error=404 and the message is 404- there is no product.
    If I turn it on(SEO) product view is OK, but the link is really to long.


    1. bledy2-1
    Saguaros Moderator


    For the off-canvas menu, you will need to customize a bit.

    1) To remove the off-canvas on the right, go to file: root/templates/ja_megastore/tpls/blocks/mainnav.php

    At approx line 53, remove/comment this line of code:

    <?php $this->loadBlock ('off-canvas') ?>

    2) To move the left off-canvas to the right side, you can backup the file: root/templates/ja_megastore/tpls/blocks/off-canvas-categories.php

    and replace with the attached file (unzip first).

    Regarding to the SEO option in Virtuemart, it’s default feature of VM, kindly post the same thread into VM’s forum for more help.


    domir21 Friend

    thanks for your response! I’ve change offcanvas and I wrote to VM’s forum. I will waiting for their response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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