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    I renewed my JAEC twice by accident. Is there any way to get the money back? I already have JATC and JAEC and renew annually. If that’s not possible, can the credit be applied towards JA BUILDER PREMIUM?


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    I checked your account and found that you renewed your JAEC & JATC licenses recently. No duplicated payment though.

    I’ve sent an email with screenshot to your email address so you can check. If you have receipt of the duplicated payment, you can sent it back to me via email .

    suzanna Friend

    I replied to your email but would like to add one more thing; I have JATC Standard Membership and JAEC – Joomla Extensions Club. When I attempt to download a template I’m prompted to renew JATC Standard Membership again.

    I’m confused. I had JATC subscription already, it was valid until 2018. I attempted to buy JAEC and in the process accidentally renewed (again) JATC which is now valid until 2019 and I think that happened when I tried to download a template. Then I went back and purchased JATC which is what I intended to do in the first place (and that is all fine). I didn’t mean to renew JAEC. Is it possible to get the money back for the accidental JAEC re-subscription? Thank you for your consideration.


    OK! I found the bug. If I attempt to download a template from "Templates" menu, I get JATC added to my cart automatically which was my problem. I already have JATC membership. However, if I attempt to download from "Downloads" menu I’m not prompted to renew and my membership is checked properly.

    I’m so glad it wasn’t me! 🙂 This time at least.

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