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    at first, sorry for my bad english.

    I am a new member and I try to build my first Website with the great JA-Avian II Template on my homeserver.
    Looks really nice.

    I design my own orange logo and I donĀ“ t need the color choise.

    How can I remove it from Template.

    I found no solution here im forum.

    Can anyone help me plz.

    Jens S.

    uniquebiz Friend

    Hi Jens
    Welcome to JA. This is an older template with different ways to do things to the T3 system.
    I’ll have to install the template locally and test to be certain, but try this to stop the colour choice and tools buttons

    Open Template.css
    look at the first few lines of code for “options tooltips” and a set of instructions, I seem to remember you could be selective in what was your default colour, and could turn off the panel and contents by selecting 0 as the option and placeing that on the line of code. If you see it you’ll understand it easy
    If not let me know and I’ll dl avian and test for you

    Regarding replacing the default logo with your own… make sure your new logo is called the same name as the old logo is. Usually this is set to logo.png in the templatesja_avian_iiimages folder, make sure you new image is a .png and save it over the old one (replace it).. If your new logo is a different size you will have to edit the template .css file to make the layer bigger to suit the new logo etc

    If you need help on this part, post again and I’ll give you detailed instructions

    Blessings Shannon

    steje Friend

    Thank you, I found the psd and make a new logo.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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