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    I would like to ask for the full refund of my subscriptions for year 2017 as I did not build any website with any of your templates and any of your extensions.
    I feel that I am facing unacceptable customer service and I cannot continue with this quality any longer.

    I paid for:
    1) JAEC – Joomla Extensions Club $ 41.25 (Order: #999762)

    2) JATC Standard Membership $ 66.75 (Order: #999760)

    I contacted Joomlart via contact form at Joomlart.com website in the end of April 2017 for the first time, I sent my first email to Arvind on 01.05.17 and via emails and Skype to your Operations Manager – Arvind Chauhan later on directly. I asked a few questions and I did not received answers to all of them. Also, Arvind promised me to help with an installation of the template into my host platform in the beginning of May 2017 and I did not receive this help either. I contacted Arvind directly via e-mail and a Skype a few times but I feel that all my inquiries has been ignored completely. I asked Arvind if perhaps I would need to contact him via forum and he replayed that there is no need for that and he will help me. To be fair, I received one email from him with the sorry.

    I am appreciating all transformations which your company gone through recently but I feel that it should not have a big effect on customer service and technical support for which I has been paid by the way.

    So, I would be very grateful if you could refund $ 108.00 and correspond to me as soon as possible.

    Now I found the company with fab customer service which is available 24/7, with much better quality of templates, a website builder, more stylish & modern designs, automatic updates and the value for money is much better as well. In this respect, I need to say to Joomlart thank you and good look in the competitive environment.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards
    Black Lotus

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    We have an official page for users to submit refund request at https://www.joomlart.com/joomlart/refunds . Kindly go through all the conditions listed at the page and then submit the request, then we will be able to handle your refund properly.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    blacklotus Friend

    I tried to submit a request for full refund a few times yesterday but you submit button appears to be frozen and it was not possible to attach a copy of my actual correspondence with Joomlart. Any suggestions?

    blacklotus Friend

    A copy of my request for full refund. I decided to move on after waiting for promised help to install my theme into my host platform and having unanswered questions from your operational manager Arvind Chauhan since we spoke over Skype three months ago. Arvind suggested that I do not need to go to forum to request help with an installation of my template as he going to help me with that. Since time of promises till now I feel that I have been ignored. I realised that I can improve the quality of my life and my business in the future by stopping to have any connection with Joomlart. This is the good news for me as I cannot afford to wait for so long every time when I have a question. It could be good news for Joomlart as well if it wants to pay an attention what customer saying about their experience and start to improve business… or you will miss opportunities… Obviously, I started looking for alternatives last week and I found much better quality. The irony is that I started looking for alternatives because of your unacceptable customer service in general and I need to say thank you for that. I can improve quality of my life without relying on Joomlart improvements which are very highly unlikely happen based on the language of your replay which I received today via email. Perhaps this level of customer service is common in India but it is not in the West. If you are doing on-line business then possibly it would be very beneficial to learn standards and expectations of customers from different countries as well? I can confirm that I am not prepare to wait for Joomlart’s help any longer because I feel that tree months of my patience were more than enough. I am not surprised that from your own statistics 20% of your customers are not happy with your customer service as they feel they have been ignored. So, I am not an exception which is another proof that I made the correct decision. Is 20% not ring any bell for you? Also, I would like to mention that this situation is not acceptable in a civil world and I am glad that I have got the protection from it. Thank you in advance for the full refund. Have a nice day! Best Regards PS I do understand that it is takes some guts to admit own mistakes and some level of consciousness… It is a bit funny to observe how Arvind found the time to respond strait away now… There is the big gap between what I said and what Arvind heard…

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    You purchased 7 months ago and therefore it’s simply impossible for us to refund you under any circumstance.

    If you want to keep using our products, you are free to post question requesting for technical help right in this forum and we’ll be glad to assist.

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