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    Sorry I posted first in solved issues (you can erase there)

    I used T3v2 for joomla 2.5 before. There were in megamenu the menue desc really good.
    Now in T3v3 (for joomla 2.5 /3.0 there is no new line.
    This is a pity, for me a mistake!
    (see image) How can we change that /because it needs much more place

    1. ProblemT3v3
    Ninja Lead Moderator

    I need to check it on both site: j2.5 and j3.0, please send me the URL on your site

    jojo12 Friend
    Ninja Lead Moderator

    You want to keep make mega menu for t3v3 similar to t3v2 ?

    There is something has been changed in menu.

    Further, T3v2 and t3v3 are the different things and t3v3 is still not stable (beta version 2), we are trying to keep it similar to original look next releases.


    jojo12 Friend

    sure it’s Beta: Normally I am working with T3v2 and I really like it.
    But I thought, since it’s in Beta, I’ll contribute saying what I see.
    When I switch for to see the changes in T3v3, I saw this, and switching it’s hard to see this.

    When you say, that will be like that, then I will start to change the old template, to prepare my people to the new look!

    Scott Lavelle Friend

    Same here. Checking out beta/rc. I see that the description is available, unfortunately, it goes to the right of the title of the menu instead of below it. This is Joomla 2.5 with RC 1.0.0.

    Scott Lavelle - Technical Resource Solutions, LLC
    Certified Joomla Administrator

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    Don’t worry, I have raised bug to development team here: They will check it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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