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    Hi guys,

    Today we are happy to announce preview our new Joomla template – JA Small Biz, a creative Joomla template for Small Business website: Barbershop, Gym, Car, Wedding and more. Please go through the core features of the template:

    Sneak Peek 1: Homepage for Barbershop

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 2: Homepage for Car

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 3: Homepage for Gym

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 4: Blog – List View

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 5: Blog – Grid View

    View the higher resolution Here

    We will update more screenshots in coming days. Let us know what you think about this preview.

    This template will be released very soon and work has already been started on another Joomla template.

    tom_laan84 Friend

    Looking good! Very usefull template.

    a090588 Friend

    Looking good!

    triley0131 Friend

    I like the Gym one. When are going to release?

    vecdom Friend

    This looks really nice!

    Are the homepage sections ACM modules OR for the page builder elements?

    Laong Duijndam Friend

    A very good looking template, but I miss Fashion

    Best regards Laong

    adamapg Friend

    Best looking template in a while. Please tell me you intergrated EasySocial to work with this template.

    smartmax Friend

    Lovely, lovely! <3
    The only thing I dislike, is the small logo in a colour block.
    Usually small businesses, like their logos bigger 🙂

    SiteWeavers Friend

    Yes, logo is way too small. Small businesses I work with like their logo bigger and more dominant for sure.

    schlogo Friend

    i totally agree with you, lot of templates have too small places for logo

    turtlesoup Friend

    "Less is more."

    I’ve been a full-stack designer for 17 years. Whenever a client would say they’d like to have a bigger logo, I’d hand over a ‘Make My Logo Bigger’ Cream.

    Joking aside, an abnormally big logo always give off a negative impact on the brand because 1. you’re like shouting to your target market, and 2. you give off an impression that your product and/or service don’t matter a lot. Then present several case studies to prove my point.

    On-topic, the logo (height) on this template is fine.

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    card1concepts Friend

    Looks good, but my two cents as a developer working with many small business in my community. Most of them suffer from the age old "Make My Logo Bigger" syndrome!

    This template does not appear to take that into consideration as far as I can tell? It does not look like it can accommodate most logos for that matter?

    Brandon Cardone

    website1 Friend

    Nice template, But how do i go about adding custom html forms without using tables to allign the form elements.

    Someone please point me to the right direction.

    Thank you

    G T Friend

    Need a Mobile repair template

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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