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    great, nice job πŸ˜‰

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    Tor Friend

    Wow, that looks so nice πŸ™‚

    Tor HΓΈlleland
    Nye nettsider - hjemmesider

    flock Friend

    Excellent visual, we have to have competitive layouts and this is very good, congratulations.

    Radonja Djurisic Friend

    Ok this is really nice one !

    adamapg Friend

    Nice job this looks like a great template.
    Good to see its kimd of dark. Would love to see you guys do a black template.

    Well done

    Marcos Friend

    Uses Ja Builder so that the administration of what is not Virtuemart is easier? By the way, when will Ja Builder update? They are being very outdated :(. Thanks.

    Aratype Friend

    How it comes that a Shoe website has no sizes on the product page…

    Normally people buy 1 shoe but select its size but your template proposed the option to by more than one Shoe but does not offer anything for the size!

    Iknow the coders code without thinking but where is the product manager?

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi Marcos,

    Yes, there are quite a few reported issues with JA Builder and it is scheduled for update in February. It would be updated as we work on T4. December and January we have worked on a new unified backend for all our brands, Single sign. Once that system is live, the team will be free to resume work on Page Builder, T4 Framework.

    You may read our plan for 2018 : we would be releasing much more than we ever have.

    I am glad that you guys liked the preview of the template.

    jdran Friend

    Very nice template!
    -Does this replace the need to work with Virtuemart-like frameworks?
    -Is this compatible with Greek language? (in same cases, I find incompatibilities with Greek languages)
    -Does it offer a payment system with european cards, or what do I need to connect it with such payment systems?

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    The size option has been added. Check the screenshot. There would also be logo options.

    1. wGSjcuYHQa2i6_WkHa5OEg Friend

    it will have a megafilter styled on it too ?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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