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    I am trying to implement a solution on my JA Minisite website to require an email address from a customer prior to allowing them to download a pdf brochure from the site.

    I have looked around and settled on OSDownloads from Alledia as an extension which looks like it will do what I want. However, having installed it, it is not working, as something in the JA Minisite template is preventing the popup from loading which is where the customer gets to type in their email addres.

    I’ve been corresponding with Alledia, and upgraded to Pro to get support, but so far the problem persists. It seems to be a jQuery conflict. They recomment I download a plugin which sorts out jQuery issues, which I have done, but it has made no difference. They have recommended that I download the latest Minisite template and T3 framework, which I have done, but it makes no difference.

    It is definitely template related, as when I switch to a generic template the problem disappears and the popup loads correctly.

    so there seems to be some jQuery issue related to the Minisite template. I would like to request some assistance please in resolving this issue. PLease let me know if further information is required so someone can help me.




    PS: the site is

    to reproduce the problem, click on Downloads, then on "This is it". A popup should appear at that point, but instead an error message is displayed.

    lunarview22 Friend

    Problem solved.

    No further action required.

    pavit Moderator

    Problem solved.


    Would be nice if you can post the solution here, maybe this can help some other user having same problem.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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