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  • dtwaddell Friend


    I installed JA_Graphite yesterday here:

    I want the blog on home page, but cannot see how to get it to work? I am wondering if the install didn’t work properly, but don’t want to re-install unless I have to, because I have set up a fair bit of other content. Can someone please take a quick look and advise course of action?

    Kind regards


    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Dtwaddell

    I see that you had set single article as homepage so i change to blog category layout

    Check your site and let me know if that’s what you wanted?


    dtwaddell Friend

    Thanks, that looks better.
    But I purchased the Graphite template, and it still looks nowhere like the sample. How do I add new blog entires and how do people add comments? Perhaps you could point me to some help on it?
    If all blog entries are added in back-end as articles, then it will be simpler just to integrate Blogger or WordPress, don’t you think? Then maybe I don’t need to Graphite template after all.



    TomC Moderator

    Have you reviewed the JA GRAPHITE USER GUIDE ??

    dtwaddell Friend

    Tom, thanks. I just now went through fairly carefully.
    I don’t think I can use the quickstart because I don’t have that sort of access to my server
    It seems I have to go through and manually install and configure each module and plugin. I am part-way through this. I reached the point where I need to configure the JA Latest Comments and the Comments System component. But it seems that these are not part of the template I purchased and so I need to pay extra to get those (another $50 by the looks of it).

    If this purchase does the trick then I am ok with it, but the way things are going I am not minded to pay more for something that might not work for me.
    For example, I am not very happy that the template does not work without paying extra, and that this was not made clear up front. What else do I need to purchase to make it work?.. Also, I have made most of the config changes but the site doesn’t look any different yet. I don’t want to become Joomla/JA expert – I just want a simple site that works.. There is a lot of scope for errors for a novice like me.

    Can anyone please confirm that I need to purchase the comments modules, and that there is nothing else I need to buy?



    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    JA Comment is not part of the template club and has to be bought separately. It is a big extension if it was to be given free, it would have been mentioned.

    The product page of the template mentions what is complimentary with it.

    There is no mention of JA Comment in that.

    I am not sure if i need to explain more?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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