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  • Sherlock Friend

    Hi all !
    Please download patch convert layout of corona from 2 columns ( body + right) to 3 columns layout ( left + body + right ) . download and extract it , then copy and overwrite it to your site.
    Note : this is patch for corona of joomla 1.5.x.

    after convert layout of corona like image below :

    starsasa Friend

    Hi hainn,
    thanx for this patch.. but there is problem when view a content.. i allowed only left sidebar to content pages.. its apears on the top and covering whole page.. and then under the sidebar content item showing… please check whats the problem.. i try to edit css code but didnt get any solution..

    starsasa Friend

    now i allowed both sidebars to content page… so now content working in center… so there is problem with select one side bar… please help whats the problem…

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi starsasa !
    Please send url of your site !

    starsasa Friend

    PMed you…

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi starsasa !
    thank you for report . i have updated patch for 3 columns layout , you can redownload it in first post or at here

    svarmuza Friend

    Is this possible to do with ja_corona for joomla 1.0.xx
    Thank you,

    starsasa Friend

    thanx alot.. its working fine now…

    brisk2008 Friend

    <em>@starsasa 83668 wrote:</em><blockquote>thanx alot.. its working fine now…</blockquote>

    Hi, I applied the path, it doesnt work. The body is now under left.

    can you help me?

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi brisk2008 !
    Please send me url of your site, i will check it for you !

    brisk2008 Friend

    Thanks Hainn84. I have PMed you the URL.

    Another problem is the top menus are gone if I display the component. On my site, if you select Forums, you will see the top menus are gone.


    brisk2008 Friend

    Hi, Hainn84:

    I have managed to get it kind of working. The layout seems to be right and the top menu show up now.

    The problem now is I cannot display any articles. If you click on any article link you wil know what I am saying. If I use other templates, they work fine. The problem is only on this template.


    Sherlock Friend

    hi brisk2008 !
    I have see it , may be all articles don’t have full text. they only have intro text so it cause the problem. Please check it again !

    brisk2008 Friend

    <em>@hainn84 90124 wrote:</em><blockquote>hi brisk2008 !
    I have see it , may be all articles don’t have full text. they only have intro text so it cause the problem. Please check it again !</blockquote>

    No, it should NOT be the problem . Because these articles work fine in other templates. Anyways, I went ahead and added more stuff, still have the problem.

    Check the about us article, I added lots of text, still same problem.

    Please take a look!


    hidden80 Friend

    hainn84, is it possible to keep this template as 2-column but swap the columns? I’d like to have the main menu at the left and the content at the right.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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