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    I need help with another Pariite template design flaw.

    Go to:

    Scroll down and look at the menu positions. Notice the “left” column is actually on the RIGHT side of the content. Oops. There is no way I have found to get the left menu to the left side of the content area. I have searched all forums and while there are similar posts, the Joomlart support people never answered them (which I am seeing is pretty common unfortunately).

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to fix this design flaw, and then hopefully we can get it posted in the Pariite user guide so other users do not have to waste time as I am wasting time right now trying to find an answer?


    bolero1 Friend

    Echo echo echo. Anyone home?

    jsliao Friend

    Just because it is called “LEFT” column does not mean it must be on the left side of contents. it is the left one of the 2 columns in this case.

    bolero1 Friend

    With all due respect that is plain ridiculous. Left menu means left side of the content area. That is a predominant convention, not a subjective assertion.

    I was told when I signed up that Joomlart support was the best. I have yet to see this. I want the best support for the $500 I paid. I want help with this issue asap as well as the other one I mentioned whereby subnav menu items are floating left instead of centered with their parent items

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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